you can't make up propaganda like this

Occupation Soldiers Ordered To Execute Cute, Friendly Iraqi Puppy

It's against the rules for U.S. soldiers in Iraq to have pets, but the skinny black puppy that wandered up to the Florida National Guard soldiers at a base in northern Iraq wouldn't go away. So the soldiers from Alpha Co. of the 2nd Battalion of the 124th Infantry Regiment adopted the mutt and named her Apache after their radio call sign.

But Army regulations finally caught up with Alpha Co. and Apache. Family members said Wednesday that the soldiers were eventually forced to obey orders and have the dog killed.

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12 Responses:

  1. mactavish says:

    AUGH! That's horrible. And sad. :( How awful for the soldiers.

  2. skryche says:

    Best headline ever.

  3. novadrome says:

    "Give us your oil or this puppy dies!"

  4. fo0bar says:

    it would have been even better if the title you made up really was the title of the article

  5. lizw says:

    Way to keep up morale. Some of the British troops in Bosnia were also adopted by local dogs, and their commanding officers tried ordering the troops not to put food out for them, at which point the civilian chef took over doing it and the officers turned a blind eye. Much more civilised.

  6. nihilicious says:

    Simply replace "puppy" with "local" ...

  7. unabomber says:

    I seem to remember watching a history channel special about the army's use of trained dogs in Vietnam, for sniffing out sabateurs, bombs, etc. From what the story said, the dog handlers worked for entire tours of duty with their dogs, and then they were not allowed to take them back to the states for health reasons and had to kill them. Not cool.