US fires Guantanamo defence team

US fires Guantanamo defence team

A team of military lawyers recruited to defend alleged terrorists held by the US at Guantanamo Bay was dismissed by the Pentagon after some of its members rebelled against the unfair way the trials have been designed. [...]

The first group of defence lawyers the Pentagon recruited for Guantanamo balked at the commission rules, which insist, among other restrictions, that the government be allowed to listen in to any conversations between attorney and client.

"The first day, when they were being briefed on the dos and don'ts, at least a couple said: 'You can't impose these restrictions on us because we can't properly represent our clients.' When the group decided they weren't going to go along, they were relieved. They reported in the morning and got fired that afternoon." [...]


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  1. grumpy_sysadmin says:

    "We're not looking for a fair trial here, we want to lock up these turban-loving camel-humpers forever. But we want enough of the trappings that those sheeple on the mainland won't actually get upset enough to do anything. So, please play a lawyer on TV for a little while and compromise all your morals. No? Okay, fine, we can find someone who will."

    It's like jury selection. They'll get enough lawyers who'll play ball eventually.

    • josephgrossberg says:

      Or it'll get delayed for another year, when a new administration and a new attorney general could be in town.

      • grumpy_sysadmin says:

        You seem to be under several mistaken impressions:

        • Bush's various corporate and military interests will permit him to lose the reelection. (Cf, Haliburton, Diebold.)
        • The Justice Department's behavior with regard to these "enemy combatants" would somehow change under a "Democratic" president.

        They're all a bunch of facists. Get used to it.

  2. geoff says:

    i chanced upon your lj...
    i liked what i read...
    so, i "friended" you...
    hope that's ok...
    greetings from prague,
    (a fellow ex-sv guy now bar/club owner)

  3. ciphergoth says:

    First time around I read this as "US fires on Guantanamo defence team".