Tom Ridge brings you the new Spirit of Christmas: TERRAH!!

"Go forth and shop in fear!"
I feel more Vigilant already:
"Your government is at the ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to stop terrorist attacks in the holiday season and beyond," Mr Ridge said. He urged Americans to be vigilant, but to continue with their holiday plans and to enjoy the "spirit of the season".

Funny how this fearmongering comes out right after "we" caught Saddam, if by "we" you mean "The Kurds":

"Hussein was betrayed to the Kurds by a member of the al-Jabour tribe because Hussein's son Uday had raped a daughter of the tribe. He was then handed over to the Kurdish Patriotic Front who negotiated a deal with US forces for political power before drugging and abandoning Hussein for pickup. Ultimately he ended up in the hands of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

Hussein could not escape the hole in which he was recovered because the entrance had been sealed."

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  1. transgress says:

    hrm interesting- i wonder how much truth there is too it, every article linked at the bottom i read is drawing its source on a 'brittish tabloid' newspaper, any idea which paper it was? id like to read some of it and see if its the equiv. of an american tabloid newspaper

    • transgress says:

      fyi, after some checking ive found out it was 'the sunday express', some brits i know are saying it isnt exactly a tabloid, but im still not sure.

      • lovingboth says:

        It's not a 'supermarket press' tabloid, but no-one would accuse it of being a quality newpaper. The weekday edition once broke the world exclusive that Prince Charles would definitely marry a European princess. Its main attraction is its hatred for the evil Daily/Sunday Mail.

        The story has the ring of something cooked up in a bar:

        'The Kurds caught him (hic) I tell you.'
        'Why didn't they (hic) take the credit or the money?'
        'Ah, well... (burp) there must have been... A Secret Deal!!'
        'Of course!! Get me my satellite phone!!'

        • transgress says:

          yea, as i found when digging and talking its not a tradtional tabloid paper (like the great american ones that have been running a nearly non stop series of saddam & bin laden have gotten married and have had a shaved ape baby together, then they cloned hitler, and so on [which makes one wonder what type of qualifications you must have to get a tabloid job, as im sure its fun]). I will agree with you that it does sound a little sketchy, and thats why i wanted to check it out - nearly everything quotes the article in the sunday express, but a few things seem to quote an 'unverified radio broadcast' in the middle east. Overall though, it sounds a little fishy- although like ive stated, it makes the world-dictator-in-a-hole make more sense to me. On a side note, it is interesting to see how readily I (and others) accepted the US news version of events, but when news of the contrary presents itself how cautious I am before I accept it as truth.

    • ideaspace says:

      My first exposure to this was last Sunday, 2 AM, when both the Reuters and AP reports on Yahoo news ran an unconfirmed Iranian report what said that Kurdistan had captured Saddam in Tikrit. Noon on Sunday, I heard on NPR that the U.S. had made the capture in Baghdad. By Sunday evening the report was the U.S., near Tikrit.

      • transgress says:

        Yea my girlfriend pointed it out to me the day that 'the us caught him', and the story she showed me, it changed names of the city where he was caught. but every story I can find about the kurds capturing quotes a brittish paper that quotes an iranian radio broadcast, oh well it makes more sense that he was captured and put in a hole till someone could get him, than for him to just be in the hole (never made sense to me) so i guess ill believe it.

        • transiit says:

          So we've got a lot of sources saying it was the US that caught him.

          And we've got a lot of source saying a british paper (tabloid or not) saying the kurds caught him.

          There's always something to be said for primary sources, rather than second++ hand accounts. I won't deny there's a certain spin on everyone's account, tooled to fit in with what you already believe, but to paraphrase an idea I heard about ten years ago, Saddam only exists to me as a cluster of electrons on my [television|monitor] or spots of ink on paper.


          • transgress says:

            i agree - imho, this idea makes more sense, although i will agree it seems somewhat far-fetched, its really just the finding him in a hole thing that throws me for a loop, there has to be a million better ways to hide, than in a hole, if for no other reason, your stuck, you cant see whats going on, etc- so the idea of him being placed there makes more sense to me. but you are correct, he only exists as a cluster of electrons or spots of ink.

  2. fo0bar says:

    Jessica Lynch was being prepped for transport to a US-run hospital when the "rescue" took place. Even as US forces entered the hospital where Lynch was currently being held hospital attendants offered a set of keys for reaching her. They refused, instead opting to kick and shoot down doors.

    And now this. Allah bless America.

  3. cannery says:

    Of course, this was all a cover-up for this:

    The Sunday Express is currently owned by a porn publisher called Desmond, whose Northern & Shell group publishes, amongst other things, Asian Babes, Horny Housewives, Readers' Wives, 40 Plus, Big & Black, Big Ones International, Spunk-Loving Sluts, Double Sex Action, Fifty & Over and Mothers In Law. However, the S.Express has been known to publish a real article occasionally.