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Foil sleeve protects motorists' arms from sun

A special sun block sleeve to protect motorists who drive with their arm out of the car window has gone on sale in Santiago. The Never Again sleeve is made with thermal isolator material and tin foil and, according to its creators, offers 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Creators Raul Cereceda and Claudio Valtierra told Las Ultimas Noticias online: "You go to the beach and you see all these people with a tanned arm. They get a sun tan without protection."

Never Again is being sold in pairs at pharmacies and supermarkets. Mr Cereceda and Mr Valtierra say that they plan to soon be selling them all over Latin America. "We are confident about our product. We are confident we will sell 10,000 of them a month," they said.


11 Responses:

  1. waider says:

    Next year, the Elbow Extension [tm] for your Never Again sleeve.

  2. rustymarble says:

    Yea...umm... two things....
    1) So you end up with scorched elbows and hands?
    2) Why are they sold in pairs if only one arm can hang out the window at a time?

    Very strange! :-)

    • ctudball says:

      2) Why are they sold in pairs if only one arm can hang out the window at a time?

      Why, so you can give one to your passenger of course! Can't have them getting jealous of your stylish new look.

      And why not buy a set for the kids while you're there?

  3. elanswer says:

    Someone's watched The Core too many times...

  4. taffer says:

    With a name like that, I was expecting it to have WTC images plastered all over it or something...

  5. wasteddream says:

    I'm going to invent the Long Sleeved Shirt (tm) and make a million dollars!

  6. bifrosty2k says:

    I'll be this thing sells.
    I better start making hats with tinfoil embedded in them ASAP!

  7. kju says:

    Wow. 'Cause normal people use sunscreen.