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MAGNI-VIEWER by Bausch & Lomb - $285

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16 Responses:

  1. cpratt says:

    Wow - is that a LCII with a 13" display?

  2. thealien says:

    For less than $300, you can make your monitor look smaller and further away!

    Or am I reading it wrong?

  3. wlylj says:

    "The image from a 15-inch monitor viewed two feet away is equivalent to a 40-inch monitor three feet away."

    If it actuallyt works like that it would be interesting. Maybe for far sighted people? The trouble is, without user review or testimony, it is a hard $300 sale.

    Nice Apple all the same! :)

  4. mortonfox says:

    It's still cheaper to use page zoom. :)

  5. greyhame says:

    ...or when this guy did, of course.

  6. taffer says:

    If your eyesight is really that bad, you can get a good 19" monitor for less than $200 US, and run it at 640x480 or 800x600...

    File that puppy under "Products with no market"...

    • unabomber says:

      There's a perfect market for this... if you have a Game Boy Advance.

      This reminds me of those "big-screen TV for only $30!!" web sites that basically involve plans to put a big-ass lens on your TV and use it as a poor man's projector.


  7. malokai says:

    I agree. CVS does have some problems that I complain about all the time.

  8. Man the LC, LCII, LCIII and the Performa 475 were really beautiful on the inside. I think they were as close to perfect as I've ever seen. So clean.