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Gun-toting, drunk Moncton employee grieves firing:

The City of Moncton thinks that showing up drunk at work toting a loaded, sawed-off shotgun in search of the boss is a firing offence. The city's union disagrees. [...]

The 44-year-old arrived at the Moncton Public Works Operation Centre on April 10 extremely intoxicated and carrying a sawed-off shotgun and a handgun. He was looking for two senior managers. [...]

He is hoping to get his job back when he is released.


11 Responses:

  1. tokkan says:

    Ah, but the difference is from normal stupidity in the workforce, is that it's in Canada...

    The sad part is, is that the employer's legally cannot fire him because he was drunk and disorderly, because apparently these days they have to try and get him counciling first, and if he refuses, then they can fire his ass.

    It looks like we're getting to be more and more like the Trailer Park Boys, eh?

  2. thealien says:

    Where I work, there's an actual section in the rules about bringing weapons to the workplace. Walk in with a gun(or, indeed, many other weapons) whether you're sober or not and you're gone.


    • baconmonkey says:

      what's Barry's policy on that sort of thing?

      • jwz says:

        You say that as if you think it hasn't come up! Have you met Mr. King?

        • baconmonkey says:

          I was kinda thinking about that very individual.
          but he only gets trashed twice a year.
          and last year, someone had the sense to disarm him beforehand.
          Though I don't think firearms have ever been an issue. though if a staffer did show up wasted with a gun, looking for management, it would probably be more a long the lines of "look what I got for my b-day! isn't it cool?"

  3. cschmidt says:

    I'd give him his job back. He already almost killed two senior managers, who knows what he'll do if they don't submit to his demands!!!

  4. pvck says:

    The punchline for me was the fact that halfway through the article I realized that the sidebar ad said "Canada: A Place To Be Wild."

  5. I think we need to send the gun-toting drunken people after the cockmunches at etrade who paid for a pop-over JS ad on that (ostensibly!) news article.

  6. kallisti says:

    For all non-Canadians, C.U.P.E. is the Canadian Union of Public Employees. They are one of the largest unions in Canada, if not the largest, and they are as bureaucratic as any government...they probably filed the dispute automatically, and now have to back it up not to loose any face.

    I'm not a big union fan in Canada, since in many places they act as another level of bureaucracy/management, and they cost money that I would rather have in my pocket. They may have served some good at one time, but have become too bloated and self important...maybe if they cut about 50% of their staff, they might become more like they were originally conceived, and advocate for the workers, not another layer of management/bureaucracy.


    • flipzagging says:

      Check out Denys Arcand's latest film, The Barbarian Invasions. Arcand's an old lefty but he swings a few punches at Quebec's union culture.

      (For non-Canadians; Quebec has always leaned a lot more left than the rest of Canada, and union bosses are serious power players. Still, I wouldn't want to see them totally busted like they are in some other parts of North America.)

  7. gordonzola says:

    The unions are finally supporting class war instead of bureacratic partnership and false consciousness! The spirit of the Wobblies and revolutionary unionism is back!