"I kick ass for The Lord!"

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  1. lars_larsen says:

    Thats religion in a nutshell, "Believe in the same god I do, or I'll kill you".

  2. rsdio says:

    First thought upon seeing that: "Shabbat shalom, motherfuckers!"

  3. tarabare says:

    I kick ass for myself! Hiyas ~ I can't remember through whom I decided to look at your journal because of, however, I think I saw something about DNA lounge maybe after seeing something else that intrigued me, and I remember long ago (10 years almost now), walking into DNA and having to tell the bouncer "I'm the fucking singer!" to get in...now I barely get to see SF anymore. Add me back?


  4. jeramey says:

    You are Father McGruder, and I claim my all-expenses-paid research trip to Skull Island and Swedish vomit bag.

    Is that a rifle that has been placed in St. Joseph's hands, also? I didn't realize the Catholic Church was so militant.

  5. gths says:

    Ooh, obscure Peter Jackson movie quote in the title.

  6. wfaulk says:

    Oddly, I ran across the Fraternity of St. Sebastian the other day.

    Amongst the notable quotes:

    The Fraternity of St. Sebastian is a military brotherhood, still in formation. We are recruiting young men, called to military life, to comprise the charter membership of a Public Association of the Faithful. In the fullness of time the Association will seek institution as a religious, military congregation. And rather than serving a state or civil government, our Corps will serve the Church.


    Countless attacks occur daily around the world, often at the hands of governments which would be too powerful for us to oppose physically. This collection of recent events begins to show just some of the enemies the Church has throughout the world, and includes some reports of attacks which we believe could have been prevented or effectively intervened in by a small force of Christian Soldiers.

  7. ldy says:

    Jesus Saves.

    Everyone else takes full damage.

  8. giantlaser says:

    I live in Baghdad. I've been here for the last 5 months, and scenes like this are very common. Armed guards are the only form of security here now. The security forces around the mosques, churches, any other shrine are similiarly armed.

    Hell, I've got a regular team of 4 guards with Kalishnikovs guarding just my house.

  9. irma_vep says:

    I think war really boils down to economics, not religion. Control the resources, and you control the world.