dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, with pyrotechnics.

7 Responses:

  1. terryray says:

    > The customers have been especially horrible in the last few weeks; more pathetic violence than usual.

    It's really cruel to make us beg for details.

  2. unabomber says:

    When I got a new Dremel a few months ago, I was really jonesing to cut something in half and then keep it on my desk, like one of those "visible lawnmower engines" you see. Due to a lack of anything better, I decided to bisect an old IBM 40 Meg IDE drive. The cutoff wheel went through the aluminum case easily, and the circuit board didn't put up much resistance (although it produced a horrible stench and a lot of dust.) But when I actually hit the platter, it shot bright magnesium sparks way the hell in the air, and in about two seconds, the cutoff wheel exploded. I tried a second wheel, and got about five seconds of sparks before it also exploded and shot shrapnel across the room and almost all the way through a wall. At that point, I decided maybe it would just be easier to cut something like an Altoids tin in half.


  3. fo0bar says:

    The fact that LJ just got very confused by your last RSS update is a subtle indicator that you should post updates more frequently.

    That is all.