"Dentures from nobody you know."

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  1. anarqueso says:

    Wow, those are most spectacular! What's the story?

  2. bikerwalla says:

    if these guys show up in my nightmares tonight, I'm blaming you.

  3. That was random. The woman who makes those, Windy, is someone I met back in the mid eighties (her brother and I are still good friends). I don't remember the particular pieces in that photo, but I knew it was her as her art is pretty unmistakable.

  4. centralasian says:

    oh, they are excellent, thanx!

  5. lars_larsen says:

    I for one accept our denture wearing cat masters.

  6. j_b says:

    <lj user="jwz">I assume you've seen Jan Svankmajer's "Alice"?

    that looks like two extras from the film.

  7. kiad says:

    Police were called back to the nightclub -- the last place Mr. Sanchez was seen alive -- when neighbours complained about a foul odour coming from the Village Cabaret.

    If not for a recent citywide ban on smoking in bars, investigators said, they might never have found the body.

    Neighbours of the club, in a trendy downtown Winnipeg neighbourhood, said they noticed the foul smell more than a year ago, but put it down to spilled beer and stale cigarette smoke.

    "Sometimes it reeked of sewage when you came in in the morning," Kerrie Drine, a business owner in a neighbouring building, told The Winnipeg Free Press. "We had to light incense to get rid of it."

    But when the municipal smoking ban came into effect in September, the smell persisted and someone eventually notified police. "They took the whole wall down," Const. Johnson said.

    Using a special camera borrowed from a local duct cleaning company, police found the body wedged into a narrow space between a stone foundation wall and a newer wall.

    The camera was snaked into the claustrophobic gap between the old wall and the newer one, which police said was built several years ago. Officers soon spotted the badly decomposed body of Mr. Sanchez.

    He said Mr. Sanchez had entered the gap between the walls from an opening at one end and had managed to wriggle through almost its entire 23-metre length, through a gap ranging from 20 to 60 centimetres wide.

    Mr. Sanchez, also known as DJ Phonosys and Grandmasta Sanchez, was last seen by friends in the early morning hours of Oct. 12, 2002.

  8. gregv says:

    Thanks. I needed a decent third LJ icon. To bad I couldn't get a claw in there while doing it justice.

    I was going to post a picture of these sculptures made from actual people, but I couldn't find them for the life of me. There were a couple of Discovery Channel documentaries on medical museums full of oddities, one being the Mutter Museum. The other one had people pulled apart and preserved to illustrate all the veins and nerves for students at the time. They were also posed dramatically to give the whole thing an artistic side as well.