DNA Lounge: Wherein are found pyrotechnics.

The legacy of our incompetent contractors continues to haunt us. Apparently all the doors frames were built badly, and so now that a couple of years have passed, they've all shifted: most of our interior doors no longer close right: they scrape against the floor now. This was getting to be a real problem, because one of the doors that wouldn't close is the one that leads backstage; so customers would see light coming through the door and just wander back there whenever, and help themselves to whatever they saw lying around.

So, this weekend Jason had to cut a half inch of the bottom of the door. This is tricker than it sounds, since these are steel fire doors. It made very pretty sparks, though.

Two shows are coming up that I'm excited about:

The customers have been especially horrible in the last few weeks; more pathetic violence than usual.



World's Longest Snake: A recreation park in Indonesia is displaying a 49-foot python -- making it the longest ever captured -- that was revered as a tribal ruler and has a huge appetite for dogs.

The huge, dark-colored male snake has a diameter of 2.8 feet, weighs 984 pounds and is 48 feet, 7 inches long. In a month, it can eat around five dogs.

    Update, Jan 5: likely bullshit. John Aglionby reports: "If Fragrant ever extends to 14.85m long he will be the most mind-boggling animal on earth because I measured him at somewhere between 6.5 and 7m." "These giant pythons always shrink whenever a tape measure turns up."
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