Food Simulator: a teledildonic technology?

The Food Simulator is a haptic interface that displays biting force. It is designed to fit to the user's mouth, where it delivers the captured force of real food and auditory and chemical sensations associated with eating.

The curved shape of this novel biting-force interface is derived from the structure of the human jaw. It generates forces based on the captured forces of real food, measured with a film-like force sensor. The profile of the biting force of the real food is realized by the Food Simulator's force control.

The Food Simulator is integrated with auditory and chemical sensations of eating. The sound of biting is captured by a bone-vibration microphone and displayed by a bone-vibration speaker. It is synchronized with the biting action. Chemical sensations of taste are displayed using a micro injector installed in the end effecter. The chemical sensation is synthesized from five elements of basic taste: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami. Smell is displayed by a vaporizer.

The Food Simulator can change the properties of food during chewing. A cracker can be suddenly changed into a gel, for example, which generates a surprising and humorous experience. This kind of entertainment contributes to chewing capabilities in children.

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you can't make up propaganda like this

Occupation Soldiers Ordered To Execute Cute, Friendly Iraqi Puppy

It's against the rules for U.S. soldiers in Iraq to have pets, but the skinny black puppy that wandered up to the Florida National Guard soldiers at a base in northern Iraq wouldn't go away. So the soldiers from Alpha Co. of the 2nd Battalion of the 124th Infantry Regiment adopted the mutt and named her Apache after their radio call sign.

But Army regulations finally caught up with Alpha Co. and Apache. Family members said Wednesday that the soldiers were eventually forced to obey orders and have the dog killed.

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Candyman. Candyman. Candyman. Candyman. Candyman.

Myths Over Miami

This is the secret story shelter children will tell only in hushed voices, for it reveals Bloody Mary's mystery: God's final days before his disappearance were a waking dream. There were so many crises on Earth that he never slept. Angels reported rumors of Bloody Mary's pact with Satan: She had killed her own child and had made a secret vow to kill all human children. All night God listened as frantic prayers bombarded him. Images of earthly lives flowed across his palace wall like shadows while he heard gunfire, music, laughing, crying from all over Earth. And then one night Bloody Mary roared over the walls of Heaven with an army from Hell. God didn't just flee from the demons, he went crazy with grief over who led them. Bloody Mary, some homeless children say the spirits have told them, was Jesus Christ's mother.

"No one believe us! But it's true! It's true!" cries Andre at the Salvation Army shelter on NW 38th Street. "It mean there's no one left in the sky watching us but demons." His friends sitting on the shelter patio chime in with Bloody Mary sightings: She flew shrieking over Charles Drew Elementary School. She stalks through Little Haiti, invisible to police cars. "I know a boy who learned to sleep with his eyes open, but she burned through a shelter wall to get him!" a seven-year-old boy says. "When the people found him, he was all red with blood. Don't matter if you're good, don't matter if you're smart. You got to be careful! If she see you, she can hunt you forever. She's in Miami! And she knows our face.

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