you know what I hate?

Lots of things, but you know what I hate right now?

People who put up photo galleries using craptastic "database" driven software that screws up the HTTP headers so that every time you hit the Back button, the browser is told to re-download not only the page itself, but every damned thumbnail.

Oh, and thanks for making me go to Preferences and un-check the JavaScript box to get around your "security" and make right-clicking work again. Here's a hint, jackass: that trick has never worked ever.

It's not like this is even hard. But I guess no matter how low the bar is, some slack-jawed doofus is going to trip over it. Why don't you people all go back to writing new IRC clients instead?

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12 Responses:

  1. brad says:

    IRC networks are all already destroyed?

    The web's getting there.

    I'd have hope, that a new medium for talented hackers would open up and cool stuff would happen there, but The Internet is slowly turning into The Web. Between NAT and stupid transparent proxies and outgoing firewall rules, I'm getting a little scared.

  2. bassfingers says:

    I wrote my database driven photo gallery to generate static HTML pages since I don't actually need content to be THAT dynamic...

  3. yakko says:

    I never got the motive behind the "disable right-click" stuff. Trouble is, if I can view it in my browser, I can either just troll my cache for it later or use wget and a UA spoof on it.

    That is, if I didn't just uncheck "Javascript" and right-click anyway.

    As for thumbs as dynamic content... ugh. Just... ugh.

  4. romulusnr says:

    i do believe that disabling JavaScript in your browser in order to re-enable the browser's right-click feature amounts to circumventing a technological means to control access to copyrighted materials and therefore is a violation of the DMCA.

    so. and.

  5. idcmp says:

    IRC clients are so passè. Now it's Java persistance frameworks, MMORPGs (sure we don't have the code, but we have this great idea y'see), half-broken rewrites of BitTorrent and PostScript CD label makers.

    • jwz says:

      Don't forget curses-based mp3 playlist controllers. Or is that "so 2002"?

      • jcurious says:

        Nah.. we are up to shareware php based ones... complete with annoyware and broken functionality... I love this quote:
        "The evaluation software is fully functional. However, please note that it only displays every other file in your collection (1, 3, 5, etc)." found here

      • Arh, dammit. I was just about to suggest mp3 players in GTK with a shuffle feature. Don't tell me they're passe already!..


      • idcmp says:

        Not so long as they're written in perl and need Oracle for a backend.

        ...of course, once you put Oracle into the equation, it becomes an Enterprise Scale ncurses playlist manager..