We call it "Maize"

You can thank zeppo for this one:

Update: the Robt. Williams painting that this tattoo was based on looks like this...

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20 Responses:

  1. jette says:

    You should post that in <lj comm=picturing_food>

  2. rxrfrx says:

    We Call It Acieeeeed

  3. zeppo says:

    someone had pointed out that this was likely a cover up of something more offensive, probably a penis... but how they got from penis to corndog is a road I never want to travel.

  4. So, I think I mostly get this.

    Except... why the buck teeth?

  5. infrogmation says:

    Please take this filth to alt.sex.fetish.nekkid.bucktoothed-women-in-indian-chief-headgear.hugging.giant-corndogs where it belongs.

    We here at alt.sex.fetish.nekkid.bucktoothed-women-in-indian-chief-headgear.riding.antique-lawnmowers have no wish to see such disgusting perversions.

    -- Captain F. Froggington Froggsworthy-Hedges, PERV