the eyes, they burn

I didn't need to see a nude picture of Genesis P. Orridge and his new boob implants, but perhaps you do.
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  1. loosechanj says:

    Already told you once was a few million times too many. Didn't fall for it this time either.

  2. interimlover says:

    oh my dear lord.

  3. geektron says:

    so i had to look .... and i'm not sure i needed to see it either.

    GPO has gone off the deep end and into the drainage pump.

  4. kchrist says:

    This picture is somehow even more disturbing, believe it or not. Big red lips, indeed.

    Kind of an embarrassment these days, isn't he?

  5. zztzed says:

    And to think, the money that was spent on those could've gone towards a decent spell checker...

    We realize that thee date has been shimmering back and forth around those first few DAZE in December...various weirdness that ultimately compelled us to show, by example, thee principles ov loyalty to chosen extended famille, reliability and trust, sincerity and depth ov FRIENDSHIP without hesitation that are thee very HEART and CORE ov PTV3 ...ALL these and more qualities and ethical considerations were demanded ov us and came into play quite suddenly last week. More on that later this weekend!

    • kallisti says:

      You see, GPO is/was a member of Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth, an occasionally interesting attempt at Post-Modernist Paganism. Part of their attempt at creating a common mind set was to slightly change the english language, or "fork" english, and thus, based upon the concept that language helps program how we think...change the langauge, and you change the thought processes. Thee TOPY people may say it's for some other reason, I don't know there core dogmas/catmas, but another, more popular Post-Modernist Pagan group are the Erisians/Discordians, and they do the same thing, except they introduce the "fnord", a new meta-word that in their fiction is a meta-linguistic program that causes most people who see it not to percieve whatever is between the "fnords", and subcounciously believe whatever is between the "fnords". Sort of like subliminals in advertising. Again, they are heavily into Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, and are trying to change the way we think, since to Erisians/Discordians, believe don't percieve the world directly, but filter it through our "reality" filters, so that for the most part, most people don't really percieve the world, but an internally generated representation, or map, and as we grow, the difference between the "map" and the "reality" increases. That is why many older people seem to have a much more rigid view of the world, and unless you purposely work to keep the "map" in line with "reality", then you end up as an old wo/man and see the world through the maps of your youth, but the world has changed greatly in the 60-80 years you have been alive.

      So hopefully, you now have a glimering about why GPO doesn't need a spelling checker, but I, who am dyslexic, do. Oh, and the pun...Thee TOPY people cast spells, so a "spelling check" would mean that you are questioning what they do! Good one!

  6. grahams says:

    Nope.... Nope... Didn't need to see that again. It could have been worse, though. They could have had some new Psychic TV music playing in the background.

  7. ex_sjc says:

    Christ, the least he could do is sell it a bit...give it a "come-hither" pose....GEEZ.

  8. baconmonkey says:

    GPO lately, for some reason reminds me of "a Clockwork Orange". I guess he looks a little bit like Alex.

  9. GOD.

    Yeah, I didnt need to see that either. That was a bit much.

  10. pete23 says:

    not sure this bodes well for RE:TG... at least coil are playing on the friday.

  11. joeygibson says:

    MY EYES! MY EYES! They're BURNING!!! Dammit, why did I look at that photo?!?