"dear japanese people"

Recently the usual suspects have been hot on the trail of all manner of costume-oriented perversions, such as middle aged men dressing up as RealDolls or cartoons and fluttering around for the camera.

But the one detail that I think it's most important for you to take home with you is that, in Japan, RealDolls do in fact come not only in the expected freakazoid anime style, but also in children's sizes. (A, B, C.) (And no, these are not just mannequins.)

It appears that they also come with removable eyes. If you know what I mean and I think you do.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein photos are presented.

Bizarre Bazaar photos:
    A couple of weeks ago, Thump hosted a clothing/jewelery sale during the day before their party began. It was kind of strange to see this place filled with racks of clothes...

Celldweller photos:

    This band played at Meat last week. It was a good show. They were pretty theatrical: lots of synchronized movements and spinning and so on.

Railer + High Blue Star + Scar Tissue + Emulsion photos:

    All four acts were really good! This was a great show all around. It also unfortunately, set our low-attendance record, previously set in August: this time we got just over 20 people total, and about half of them left after Scar Tissue. The bands were good sports about it, though, and really put on a show despite there being so few people there. I think there were like 5 or 10 people left by the time Railer played, but they still totally rocked out.

    Emulsion was one guy behind a stack of gear doing good trancy electronic stuff. Scar Tissue do excellent breaksy industrial with wacky noisemakers and live drumming. High Blue Star were a gothy/triphoppy band with a girl singer and a combo of electronics and guitars. Railer were a really energetic rock band, leaning toward the "electroclash" side of things a bit.

    Railer and High Blue Star were fantastic. Go buy their CDs.

    The Railer folks were also using their tour as an opportunity to campaign against the Diebold voting-machine fiasco that you've probably already heard about: Railer got a write up about this in Wired News, and there's a QuickTime interview of them at musicforamerica.org.

    And you missed them! Shame on you!

DJ QBert photos:

    At Flavor on saturday, DJ QBert was the headliner. He came out with a single turntable and did all kinds of crazy scratching tricks on it. It was pretty impressive -- for the duration of his marathon 30 minute set! That's right: people paid $25 to see this guy, and he performed for 30 minutes. And that was a rarity: apparently he normally only does 15 minutes!

    Still, it was quite an amazing display of skill and dexterity. Not much to listen to, though; after the first few minutes of wukka-wukka scratching noises, the thing it made me think of most was "what if Eddie Van Halen's guitar only had one string, and he was the only person in the band."

The Fixx + Sunshine Blind photos:

    Another good show... The Fixx played mostly newer stuff, but also did the requisite hits (fairly different arrangements of them.) They were really tight, and seemed like they were having a great time. He can really sing.

    Oh, and house band Sunshine Blind were great as always.

I don't get to build things around here very often any more, so this gadget I hacked together made me happy: one of the webcast cameras sits on a tripod up in the dj booth (it's the one that is generally pointed at the DJ or zoomed in on the singer, since they tend to not always be in the same place.) Well, there's not a lot of room up there, so it gets bumped a lot, and it's hard to adjust because the tripod legs don't quite fit on the counter... So I took an old, broken tripod and converted it to a monopod, which I then bolted down! It seems to be working out very well (though the camera does vibrate a little more than before.)

Tomorrow night is the New Model Army / David J show.


let us make no jokes about the burning bush

Bush's Remark About God Assailed:

Evangelical Christian leaders expressed dismay yesterday over President Bush's statement that Christians and Muslims worship the same god, saying it had caused discomfort within his conservative religious base. [...]

Bush's remarks sent immediate shock waves through Christian Web sites and radio broadcasts. A Baptist Press report quoted Richard D. Land, president of the public policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation's largest Protestant denomination, as saying that Bush "is simply mistaken."

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"Rock Me, Dr. Zaius!"

Caption contest!

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Santa's Elite Special Elf Forces

Now that's pretty funny. <lj-cut text="But I have a tangential rant.">

Of course I don't know what the hell it's about, since all I have is the URL to the image, not to the article that goes along with it. And, ladies and gentlemen, there is a plague infecting the web, and it is this:

    This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.

Back in the caveman days, when web publishers actually used files with HTML in them, you could always clip components off the end of a URL to go up a level and get more context. Sometimes that would get you a directory listing, or if you were lucky (and the web designer was sane) that would get you an index page that made navigation easier than a straight file list.

But here in The Future, everyone uses some godawful "database"-driven software or other to run their web sites, and the default behavior is to cripple navigation. I often see URLs where the index looks like /somewhere/blort/blort.html", and /somewhere/blort/" is an error! That's a fantastic fucking idea, that is.

Fuck "virtual directories." Fuck them bad.

Update: four found the source here.

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Another robo-drone carries its human prey back to the hive.

Walking robot carries a person:

WL-16 uses 12 actuators to move forwards, backwards and sideways while carrying an adult weighing up to 60 kilograms (130 pounds). The robot can adjust its posture and walk smoothly even if the person it is carrying shifts in the chair. At present it can only step up or down a few millimeters, but the team plans to make it capable of dealing with a normal flight of stairs.

"I believe this biped robot, which I prefer to call a two-legged walking chair rather than a wheelchair, will eventually enable people to go up and down the stairs," said Atsuo Takanishi, from Waseda University.

However, there are already wheelchairs that can climb stairs. FDA approves wheelchair that climbs stairs:

Called the iBOT Mobility System, the wheelchair uses sensors and gyroscopes to navigate stairs while balancing on two wheels. Doctors have said the technology is potentially revolutionary. But it is so complex that the FDA decided the wheelchair will require a doctor's prescription and special training to drive. [...]

Most wheelchairs have two big back wheels and two smaller front wheels. The iBOT has four wheels the same size that rotate up and over one another to go up and down steps.


the eyes, they burn

I didn't need to see a nude picture of Genesis P. Orridge and his new boob implants, but perhaps you do.
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cool map visualizations

Mapping Votes by County:

"County maps can be deceptive, especially for large states like California. Unless the population of a state is dispersed evenly in proportion to the size of each county, there is no direct relationship between the physical area of a county and the number of people, registered voters, or votes cast within it."
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self-assembling transistors

Nano-transistor self-assembles using biology

Israeli scientists harnessed the construction capabilities of DNA and the electronic properties of carbon nanotubes to create the self-assembling nano-transistor. [...] First they used proteins to allow carbon nanotubes to bind to specific sites on strands of DNA. They then turned the remainder of the DNA molecule into a conducting wire. [...]

Out of 45 nanoscale devices created in three batches, almost a third emerged as self-assembled transistors. They work at room temperature and the only restriction for future devices is that the components must be compatible with the biological reactions and the metal-plating process.

The team have already connected two of the devices together, using the biological technique. "The same process could allow us to create elaborate self-assembling DNA sculptures and circuitry," says Braun.

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We call it "Maize"

You can thank zeppo for this one:

Update: the Robt. Williams painting that this tattoo was based on looks like this...

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