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LoveLump™ is an artificially-engineered transgenic tissue sculpture. It is created using a variety of animal and vegetable DNA strands, which is then mapped onto a host chromosome palette. It is considered to be one of a handful of new species created from the basic building material now available to us through recent breakthroughs in modern science.

A detailed explanation on the some of the inner-workings of this amazing new technology can be found on our Breakthroughs page.

Model LL-002: LoveLump™ Persephone
Destined to be our most popular model, the Persephone will provide its owner with years of enjoyment!

  • Single V-gauge (2cm-10cm) entry port
  • Single R-gauge (1cm-7.5cm) entry port
  • Single reactive appendage (7cm-10cm circumference) with Stimul-Act
  • Duraflex Skinning available in a variety of tone, texture, and hirsutness
Lifespan: 5-7 years
Dimensions: 75cm(L)x35cm(W)x20cm(H)
Weight: 50kg
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37 Responses:

  1. kiad says:

    Without a doubt, the most revolting thing I've seen in almost a month.

    • kespernorth says:

      And without a doubt, someone, somewhere is going to want to fuck it.

      The world seems to resemble the fevered imaginings of <lj user="mistersleepless"> more and more each day...

      • kiad says:

        I am sure it is a similar market as compared to the real dolls.. except this time it'll have a pulse and requires food injections.

        but having a sexual experience with something that was grown in a lab out of organic materials could be construed as more romantic than a plastic molded vibratory device... so perhaps you're right.

        Let's invite the mutant plant/animal hybrids!

        oh god. I just had a horrible thought.

        "The Horse Model"
        "The Dolphin Model (with new prehensile action!)"
        The Venus Fly Trap Model"
        "The Black Widow Model (One time use only)"

        Ok. I need to go into a corner and shiver for a moment.

      • thesliver says:

        I'd be even more bemused if anyone wanted to do anything else but fuck it (supposing they wanted it in the first place).

  2. mykwud says:

    hopefully it'll become a hot-selling christmas fad amongst the kiddies.


  3. ralesk says:

    *laughs*  That's hilarious!  Anyone else got reminded of the film eXistenZ?

    • j_v_lynch says:

      Actually, ISTR a Science Fiction story where teenagers were attached to something similar at puberty. Don't remember any details though.

    • jwz says:


      There's also a Harlan Ellison story called "How's the Nightlife on Cissalda?" about a similar creature who is "the best fuck in the universe."

  4. abates says:

    I can just imagine hordes of those things, lumping across the countryside in herds, sucking small animals and plants into their gaping... umm...

    Did no one at EroTech stop and say "No, this is WRONG!"??

  5. cyeh says:

    I found this way more disturbing than the recent Japanese real doll post.

    I wonder how many they actually expect to sell, since the projected initial price is 34K USD.

  6. azul_ros says:

    Whoa!!! I must agree with <lj user="kiad">!!! Utterly revolting & disgusting. The fact that it's covered or made with living tissues just makes it creepier than the overall appearance alone!! Ugh!!!
    If I wasn't already feeling sick, I'd certainly be sick after seeing that!!
    I noticed they don't have any price listed, so I imagine it's quite expensive!! Not that I would buy one, but I just have to wonder if that's just their prototype they've shown on their site.

  7. chaobell says:

    I think the only word that fits here is "YAAAAARGH!"

  8. chupchup says:

    This is the most revolutionary scientific breakthrough since ImClone announced the world's first successful human clone.

  9. Looks like a varient on the Prairie Squid to me. Can I have one without the penis though. That just bugs me.

  10. alexavier says:

    Now genisis er, uh, Daphne or whatever
    P-Orridge. Can make a ALL INCLUSIVE LOVE LUMP...

    Modeled after both the before and after Genitalia of him/her itself.

    Now... for those of you who might have been interested... that should send ya runnin!!!


    You can supliment the GDPO luvsyalump with nutrients OR
    Meth and Dope. So it could be cheaper than a regular (or unleaded ) lump in the long run. Espaecially in San Francisco!!!


  11. jette says:

    We believe in helping to create a world free from the pain of loneliness and frustration, which play such a prominent role in the modern human condition.

    That's usually solved by becoming a decent human being and contributing to society. Err, or hiring a prostitute.

    That there will undoubtedly be a market for this thing makes the baby Jette cry.

  12. That' and fascinating. But mostly frightening.

  13. down8 says:

    "Utterly Fascinating!"
    Jeff Simms
    Modesto, CA
    I used to live here, and am only and hour away now.

    Of course... reflecting on it... it does "figure".


  14. baconmonkey says:

    I recall having read some sci-fi short story in high school where humans had over time genetically altered themselves to be nearly 20 feet tall, and gave up on clothes. some guy was piloting a ship, and like all ships, it came exuipped witha sexual surrogate to fulfill all his needs.


    I think Harison Ford died again recently.

  15. lovingboth says:

    Spoof, I think.

    Largely because of having the 'reactive appendage' in the way of men lying on top of it, but the website doesn't convince me at all.

    That's registered in Vancouver, anyone want to say hello to them?

  16. starjewel says:

    Is this for real??

  17. krystaldeep6 says:

    hah!!! i'll take one for free