for sake of completeness.

I know many of you have seen these already, but I've talked to a few people who hadn't heard of them, so I feel it is my duty to make sure.

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  1. ideaspace says:

    The giant-testicled racoon-dog is Tanuki, a Japanese trickster spirit similar to Bacchus. He's a character in Tom Robbins' latest, as well as a popular totem outside Japanese bars and model for novelty drinking vessels.

    • violentbloom says:

      yeah but what about the giant testicles?
      that's just plain weird...especially for a construction company ad..but I guess it is japan
      so maybe bunnies with enormous testicles are good.

      • ideaspace says:

        Absolutely. But really, it's only the tanuki (which is an actual species of racoon-dog) that get the big balls.

        The giant testicles are an integral part of his (Tanuki, drunken-god) character. You see them in every statue, every description... in fact, he uses his hujanamous scrotal sack to parachute into the first scene of the Robbins novel. You must check it!

      • fo0bar says:

        You know, I didn't even notice the balls until I read the comments here. I guess the concept of giant fur costumes in a construction company's commercials made me oblivious to the, umm, details.

        And watching a second time, it appears that the, umm, details are cleverly hidden in all but the first set of commercials. Maybe a giant plush scrotum may offend even some japanese.

      • The tanuki's testicles are an important part of his shape-changing powers. They can inflate to large size, or be spread out to the area of eight tatami mats (one tatami is three by six feet). For more information, see Hayao Miyazaki's groundmindbreaking anime, Pom Poko Tanuki.

  2. mannu says:

    Trinity's hot! :-)

  3. valdelane says:

    Hey, you're on NTK this week, in case you didn't already know.

  4. belgand says:

    Man, I can't believe this one came back. I recall seeing these ads like... 3-4 years ago at least. Always wondered what the hell was up with it exactly.

    My take is that it's the construction company trying to show that they're committed to the enviroment, although the Little Red Riding Hood element is a bit odd nonetheless.