Eros and Thanatos in L'affair Hilton: A Review

by Bergmann Endresson
Noted Film Critic, Swede

"Let me get my phone."

Paris Hilton's first line in this magnificent post modern statement is more conditioned response than free will. Like Pavlov's doggy, she is powerless to resist the cold intrusion of the technological sprawl that devours countrysides, bathrooms and budoirs with the same unyielding hunger. McLuhan promised us a Global Village, but nowhere did he say that it would be a tax haven, and on this evening the throbbing circuitry of a connected world demands the sacrifice of a media virgin.

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5 Responses:

  1. giles says:

    I gotta go back to college.

  2. ammonoid says:

    Film and subject become one, and the work takes on Arendtian overtones as Solomon postures Ms. Hilton about in a variety of perplexing stances and positions which seem intended for the public realm even as they stand within the private.

    I love this.

  3. marklyon says:

    You know, this is one of those moments I wish I had something faster than a 28.8 dialup. I've yet to see that video.