dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update including photos of New Model Army + David J.

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  1. irishmasms says:

    I was trying to see NMA in KC, MO... did not happen +(

    How was the show?

  2. bitwise says:

    First Avenue is a great club for two reasons in my opinion: first, live music, lots of it, and it sounds good. I would rather see a mediocre band at First Avenue than a better band at some of the nicer competing clubs because the sound quality is so hit-or-miss at other places. The second reason for first avenue's greatness is that they seem to care more about the music scene they support than the survival of the club itself, and have actually gone so far as to set up a nonprofit group to support local music that will let the spirit survive should First Ave. ever close.

    Yeah, the city has redeveloped the area so heavily that the club is in danger of getting squeezed out, but it makes for wonderful moments like this: on the opening night of the shiny new Hard Rock Cafe across the street, First Avenue had a band called Savage Aural Hotbed playing outdoors on the rooftop, about twelve feet up and right next to the street. The band favors instruments such as power saws grinding on steel drums.

    Meg Lee Chin played in the small room (called 7th Street Entry) that same night.