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Mapping Votes by County:

"County maps can be deceptive, especially for large states like California. Unless the population of a state is dispersed evenly in proportion to the size of each county, there is no direct relationship between the physical area of a county and the number of people, registered voters, or votes cast within it."
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3 Responses:

  1. organaut says:

    mmm... looks like a toilet

    • kdarr says:

      California IS a toilet.

      No slight against the people that are unfortunate enough to dwell there, however.


      Arizona bay?

  2. gregv says:

    Here's a similar one for the whole country. It's done in Java and you can click states from one to the other to make your own electoral college scenarios. However, the number of electoral votes for each state has shifted slightly so it's not quite accurate for 2004.