Church Sign Generator


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  1. tokkan says:

    A similar sign generator can be found at "X" For Food, except with a hobo holding the sign up. (I even set it up with the robot master thing. Aren't I... Umm... clever?)

    It doesn't allow punctuation, though. And it has to end with "For Food".

  2. I don't know if you're aware of it or not, but your journal turns up as the top two links when googling on the phrase "I, for one, welcome our robot masters".

  3. kristiancee says:

    Sweet! I've already slandered 2 co-workers and my best friend!

  4. fo0bar says:

    (Reposting... direct img links are bad mmmkay :)

    By the way, where did this "I for one" meme come from? The earliest recent example I can think of is on one of the GTA Vice City talk shows: "I for one welcome our new russian masters"

  5. I just realised that this church sign is right here in Kansas City... that's spooky...

    • ryland says:

      The sign originally was for Noland Road Baptist Church (here's the original sign), but I photoshopped in "First Baptist Church" while I was erasing the letters because I wanted it to be more generic.

  6. has some more sign generators and image makers online.