Brand Necrophilia, part 2

Last month I pondered the arrival of Netscape Microsoft Internet Explorer. But this month, it would appear that "Netscape Navigator" is still a corpse worth fucking as well!

AOL mulls toolbar service:

Time Warner's America Online division is considering creating a desktop application that lets people access popular Web services such as search, news and maps, the company confirmed Monday.

The product, which has the working name "Netscape Navigator," looks like a compass with names of different services -- such as "movie showtimes," "yellow pages," and "shopping" -- encircling a Google Web search bar.

Update, Nov 25: Alleged screen shot below... Also, some people are pissing in the wind...

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  1. grahams says:

    [...]considering creating a desktop application that lets people access popular Web services such as search, news and maps[...]

    ``Company officials say that this new technology (the "Web Browser")....''

  2. Searched the web for "Brand Necrophilia". Results 1 - 7 of about 19.

    I don't think it really counts as googlebombing when they all point to your own blog...

  3. cyeh says:

    I'm not in marketing, but I'm sure someone that reads this lj knows something about brands and expiration dates. I'm sure there's some kind of curve that tells you how long a brand can drop out of the public view before you're just better off creating a new brand.

    AOL is trying to use 'Netscape' as a brand differentiator for 'power' features since the AOL brand has been tarnished to the point of being laughable. (People could argue that this happened a long time ago, but that's besides the point.)

    What I find amusing is how long they waited to do something useful with it and the implied desperation in dragging out the Netscape brand now. Netscape is dead. Dead. Deceased. That dog won't hunt.

    I'm just wondering if TW execs got handed branding data from 6 years ago, or if you really _can_ revive brands that have been buried for that long.

    • jwz says:

      AOL is trying to use 'Netscape' as a brand differentiator for 'power' features

      But it's not even that! "Netscape" is their discount service! It's the one that is missing the "power" features.

      • loosechanj says:

        Is this irony? I just want to be sure.

      • cyeh says:

        But wasn't Netscape originally acquired, in part, because of it's association as a power user brand? That was what I was remembering.

        If they are now using it as a discount brand, that'd be like taking the Nordstrom brand, burying it and shitting on its corpse, then dragging it out later to promote a WalMart style chain of stores.

        That's special.

      • loosechanj says:

        Actually, I just realized what you said probably doesn't mean what you think it does. The discount service is "missing power features" in the same way Windows 3.1 is missing GUI features.

  4. down8 says:

    Damn, they even dry-humped the compass. Tsk tsk, AOLTWNS.


  5. waider says:

    *sniff* *sniff* Mmmm, smells like "Portal Lite"... this, coupled with those wacky folk who've invented Yet Another Chording Keyboard and a few other blips on the radar lead me to believe that the heady days of "You've Got Internet? Here, Have Some VC" will soon be upon us once more...

  6. tritone says:

    Way back when, around when Netscape 1.0 came out, I wrote a document (in FrameMaker, I think) with "Netscape Navigator" in it. The spellchecker flagged it as a mistake, and suggested, as a replacement, "Endoscope Navigator".

    I thought it was funny at the time, but didn't realize just how prophetic it was.

  7. confuseme says:

    I hope I stop laughing soon, and regain the ability to breathe.

  8. bigbaldguy says:

    All this talk makes me horny.

  9. jwz says:

    This may be a screenshot of the new attrocity: (From here, among other places.)

  10. turkeyphant says:

    I think I'm going to cry...