be the brand.

Ok, at first glance this was kind of funny:

But then when you realize that it's an entire web site selling SPAM®-branded merchanise, it kind of drains all the "funny" right out of the room.

Oh, these post-ironic times.


Shoes of the Fisherman: "During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I was riding the pogostick."

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19 Responses:

  1. drreagan says:

    I'm giving serious consideration to wasting some money on a Spam Costume. Someone shoot me now.

  2. jette says:

    It most certainly is post-ironic that people would pay for Spam sandals to spam the beach with Spam®.

  3. icis_machine says:

    i wonder if they are allowed to do that.
    we got this a few years ago because of amazon links to spam books.

    • greyhame says:

      Why wouldn't Hormel be allowed to market flip-flops bearing the SPAM™ logo?

      • icis_machine says:

        my bad. i was under the impression this was a non-hormel outfit.

        needless to say, hormel doesn't want anyone making money from the spam logo, so i'm not surprised they finally have a shop marketing this crap.

  4. the story goes that hormel figured out abot a decade ago that spam was the joke of the food world. or maybe just of the potted-meat-food-product world. anyway. so they started making the spam t-shirts and spam baby strollers and whatnot. "spam! the perfect tongue-in-cheek gift" not that they should be mentioning tongues or cheeks. what they never seemed to realize was that this whole idea of making a product while making fun of said product never worked.

    • not that they should be mentioning tongues or cheeks

      You got that part right!

    • what they never seemed to realize was that this whole idea of making a product while making fun of said product never worked.

      You sure about that?

      I mean, I don't see them in any kind of financial straights. People really do buy spam. Who cares if they buy it as a joke to give to a friend who will never eat the shit, they still buy it. And I know people who shall remain nameless who claim, in fact, to ingest spam. HRL seems to be doing just fine on the ticker. Hell, it's pretty much mirrored IBM, and are actually above it (percentage-wise) at the moment:

      So, dude, till you can show that making fun of themselves is actually hurting Hormel's business, I'd lay off them.

    • tfofurn says:

      I don't know by which to be more offended.

    • xxv says:

      Just think: combine the two:

      Left foot: "SPAM"
      Right foot: "JESUS"

      or "SPAM" "LOVES YOU"

      Hell, you could go the way of magnetic poetry and sell a variety of sandals with different sayings. Things like: "FUCK", "MONKEY", "POPE", "HATES YOU", "I", "SEXY", "FNORD", etc. Maybe put vowels on the right foot and adjectives/verbs on the left.

  5. sachmet says:

    I have been to the official SPAM Museum in Austin, MN and even taken the tour. The gift shop has tons more crazy SPAM merchandise; in fact, most of the stuff on that web site is in the gift shop.

    They're sick, sick people up there.

  6. jason0x21 says:

    My eyes must be photoshopping things for me now, because all those spam products looked like they'd be much more interesting if they read "SPERM" instead.

  7. cje says:

    Barry's dad actually likes Spam (the food).
    He's the last person I know who does.
    So, Spam merchandise is actually appropriate for him, despite the blindness...