the eyes, they burn

I didn't need to see a nude picture of Genesis P. Orridge and his new boob implants, but perhaps you do.
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cool map visualizations

Mapping Votes by County:

"County maps can be deceptive, especially for large states like California. Unless the population of a state is dispersed evenly in proportion to the size of each county, there is no direct relationship between the physical area of a county and the number of people, registered voters, or votes cast within it."
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self-assembling transistors

Nano-transistor self-assembles using biology

Israeli scientists harnessed the construction capabilities of DNA and the electronic properties of carbon nanotubes to create the self-assembling nano-transistor. [...] First they used proteins to allow carbon nanotubes to bind to specific sites on strands of DNA. They then turned the remainder of the DNA molecule into a conducting wire. [...]

Out of 45 nanoscale devices created in three batches, almost a third emerged as self-assembled transistors. They work at room temperature and the only restriction for future devices is that the components must be compatible with the biological reactions and the metal-plating process.

The team have already connected two of the devices together, using the biological technique. "The same process could allow us to create elaborate self-assembling DNA sculptures and circuitry," says Braun.

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We call it "Maize"

You can thank zeppo for this one:

Update: the Robt. Williams painting that this tattoo was based on looks like this...

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