Brand Necrophilia, part 2

Last month I pondered the arrival of Netscape Microsoft Internet Explorer. But this month, it would appear that "Netscape Navigator" is still a corpse worth fucking as well!

AOL mulls toolbar service:

Time Warner's America Online division is considering creating a desktop application that lets people access popular Web services such as search, news and maps, the company confirmed Monday.

The product, which has the working name "Netscape Navigator," looks like a compass with names of different services -- such as "movie showtimes," "yellow pages," and "shopping" -- encircling a Google Web search bar.

Update, Nov 25: Alleged screen shot below... Also, some people are pissing in the wind...

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Googlehouse is a cute little Flash app that does the WebCollage trick but with houses and an isometric Sims grid. (It seems to do stuff when you drag the mouse around, but I can't quite figure out what.)

Apparently they think that this answers "theoretical questions about city", proving once again that the problem with art is artists.

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be the brand.

Ok, at first glance this was kind of funny:

But then when you realize that it's an entire web site selling SPAM®-branded merchanise, it kind of drains all the "funny" right out of the room.

Oh, these post-ironic times.


Shoes of the Fisherman: "During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I was riding the pogostick."

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