Eros and Thanatos in L'affair Hilton: A Review

by Bergmann Endresson
Noted Film Critic, Swede

"Let me get my phone."

Paris Hilton's first line in this magnificent post modern statement is more conditioned response than free will. Like Pavlov's doggy, she is powerless to resist the cold intrusion of the technological sprawl that devours countrysides, bathrooms and budoirs with the same unyielding hunger. McLuhan promised us a Global Village, but nowhere did he say that it would be a tax haven, and on this evening the throbbing circuitry of a connected world demands the sacrifice of a media virgin.

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what's that smell?

A hormone that suppresses appetite has been made into a nasal spray which, in a preliminary test in 15 people, safely entered the bloodstream and appeared to reduce hunger pangs.

The hormone in the spray, PYY (for Peptide YY 3-36), is what makes people feel full after a meal. It is made in the small intestine in response to food and then carried by the bloodstream to the brain, where it switches off the urge to eat. Obese people seem to make less of the hormone than lean people.

I dunno, I can think of a whole lot of other appetite-suppressants that can be administered nasally...


lowjack yourself!

cmuSKY: This display shows all wireless users currently connected to Wireless Andrew on the CMU campus. (Realtime, using Flash.)
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Fuck L.A.

Seriously. Fuck that place.
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tentacle porn

Erectile Tissue Found in Octopus 'Fingers'

Researchers said on Wednesday they had found erectile tissue in the tentacle of a male octopus, the first time such tissue has been seen in an invertebrate. [...] Thompson, who called the finding weird, said biologists have looked for erectile tissue in other mollusks but not found them. "It is not surprising that no one has noticed this before," Thompson said. [...]

Observing their mating is difficult and often the females attack and eat the males during courtship. In fact, it was while watching a female turn on a male who was attempting to mate with her that Voight made the discovery. The male hurriedly withdrew his tentacle -- "because the female was probably eyeing him up as lunch," Thompson said. [...]

"We haven't gotten a male octopus to perform for us, as it were, in the lab," Thompson admitted. [...] "Erectile tissue might be a way to have a large copulatory organ when it is in use," Thompson said. When not in use, it would be small and out of the way.

"Running around with an erection potentially could be difficult."

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