Today in Fish Flatulence News

Fish Flatulence:
Biologists have linked a mysterious, underwater farting sound to bubbles coming out of a herring's anus. No fish had been known to emit sound from its anus nor to be capable of producing such a high-pitched noise. [...]

It was at this point that the team named the noise Fast Repetitive Tick (FRT). But Wilson points that, unlike a human fart, the sounds are probably not caused by digestive gases because the number of sounds does not change when the fish are fed. The researchers also tested whether the fish were farting from fear, perhaps to sound an alarm. But when they exposed fish to a shark scent, there was again no change in the number of FRTs.

There is also an anti-climactic WAV file...

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"Forever less one day."

When I first read this quote, I was sure it was a gag. But it's real!
Mary Bono, speaking to the House of Representatives:

"Actually, Sonny wanted the term of copyright protection to last forever. I am informed by staff that such a change would violate the Constitution. I invite all of you to work with me to strengthen our copyright laws in all of the ways available to us. As you know, there is also Jack Valenti's proposal for term to last forever less one day. Perhaps the Committee may look at that next Congress."
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dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update including photos from Halloween and the Genitorturers / Hanzel und Gretyl / Blue Period show.

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