today's game, should you choose to accept it:

Please summarize the current state of your life.
But in your response, use exactly eight words.
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153 Responses:

  1. azul_ros says:

    Automaton daily grind killing true spirit's deepest desires.

  2. radium says:

    caffeinated compilation buries social life; remaining vitamorous!

  3. tyggerjai says:

    Blissful contentment.
    Everything aligns as planned.
    Springtime perfection.

  4. loolix says:

    reaching for my knife as i debug tinderbox.

  5. wasteddream says:

    fucked fucked fucked fucked fucked fucked fucked fucked.

  6. I'm currently summarising my life in eight words.

  7. _uriel_ says:

    Down not out frustrated touched musically inspired ancey

  8. rumata says:

    Enterprises of great moment their current turn away.

  9. lovingboth says:

    Happy busy (toddler!)
    Busy (work!)
    Pointless busy (this!)

  10. avva says:

    Resisting the urge to regurgitate self-referential bullshit.

  11. baconmonkey says:

    rather poor, yet quite happy with things.

  12. odd97 says:

    I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner.

  13. icis_machine says:

    it would be held against me in court

  14. c9 says:

    I am running out of patience teaching double-clicking.

  15. cje says:

    Boy home, work done tonight, tomorrow more suckage.

  16. anonymous says:

    Treo should be delivered today. I can't wait.

  17. andr00 says:

    I am on a huge wispy rhino fart.

  18. jorm says:

    Plotting to butcher you in your sleep tonight.

  19. mrmustard says:

    The Yankees win the pennant. I need sleep.

  20. sachmet says:

    Like the Cubs: so close yet so far.

  21. porovaara says:

    I am becoming master of the playstation two.

  22. skoo says:

    Thank fuck its Friday. Bring on the weekend!

  23. nrr says:

    Need a car, need a job, bah humbug...

  24. netik says:

    working for
    meglomaniac leader
    yet still promoting clubs

  25. bigdaddyfix says:

    somehow, I am still getting away with it

  26. revsphynx says:

    Want to be a sideshow freak, not IT.

  27. vimsig says:

    hurdles lower, comprehension greater, sentimentality extinguished, now LOVE

  28. frumiousb says:

    Listening and talking in two languages. Often confused.

  29. you wouldn't think i'd get away with it.

  30. jerronimo says:

    Packing since I'm moving.
    Cramming for a demo.

  31. novadrome says:

    moving out, breaking up and turning in.

  32. curgoth says:

    Is it existential angst? Or am I Dilbert?

  33. chrisglass says:

    waking up, inspired, horrified, reserved, hinging on awe

  34. We're getting away with it all messed up

  35. jwm says:

    My squelchy life moves into the faust lane.

  36. edibiase says:

    Struggling to become better than I had hoped.

  37. bwh says:

    I wasted corporate dollars to write this response.

  38. cetan says:

    insert something funny, something tragic, then something lame.

  39. parasubvert says:

    button received at work: "I'm an equity bean!"

  40. tfofurn says:

    Somehow more single every day, seven years running.

  41. jiritsu says:

    it's hard to find a good job here.

  42. ofsilence says:

    Yesterday showed erection to three girls. Then sex.

  43. sekretboi says:

    Fighting against myself for sake of my future.

  44. rnb says:

    working hard to get things i don't want

  45. irishmc says:


  46. can we use more or less than eight

  47. superlib says:

    busy, stress means depression. But I am loved!

  48. anonymous says:

    I've only begun and I'm already out of

  49. ex_cortana says:

    quarter life crisis, baseball sleeps, enter seasonal affectation.

  50. jes5199 says:

    west coast freedom
    beat the odds:
    good job

  51. altamira16 says:

    As I sleep, two cats plan my funeral.

  52. kateherself says:

    economy of movement. new life. real job. freedom.

  53. macguyver says:

    Work is too slow. Travel is too fast.

  54. ammonoid says:

    Working in Fremont. Much too far to drive.

  55. shetech says:

    GREAT -- *IF* I stay
    out of my way!

  56. arpad says:

    Absence of Investors can make my Goal void

  57. mjgardner says:

    This rock and roll lifestyle is killing me.

  58. bitbucket says:

    geographically challenged, overworked, yet learning to be content

  59. sixty4k says:

    Lacking adequate sleep, I stumble through another day.

  60. autodidactic says:

    On the verge of an amazing, transcendental breakthrough.


  61. loachie says:

    not knocked up yet,
    hopefully soon.

  62. anonymous says:

    what difference does it make, words, words, words.

  63. Trogdor! Trogdor! Burninating the countryside! Burninating the peasants!

  64. majcher says:

    Eating pie, watching movies, and playing video games.

  65. kchrist says:

    Day in, day out, working for the man.

  66. otterley says:

    I'm applying to law schools. Wish me luck.

  67. anonymous says:

    I am unique, just like every other human.

  68. brad says:

    Fix, repeat.

  69. graydiaries says:

    I want to smash it up,
    your face.

  70. anonymous says:

    My baby daughter rules despite her horrific diapers.

  71. ntsw says:

    remove before what?
    needless to say, you know ;)

  72. malokai says:

    lavishing myself with monkey butter and tasty taquitos.

  73. i am a little teapot, short and stout.


    i'm going to be a floor gnome tonight!

  74. phreddiva says:

    Conquering the world, my life falls into place.

  75. anonymous says:

    hardly working while everyone thinks I work hard

  76. anonymous says:

    Many little goals, no big one. Still alone.


  77. dphilli1 says:

    busy drone seeking escape
    can I go outside?

  78. anonymous says:

    Fucking Working Fucking Eating Fucking Sleeping Fucking Dying

  79. ggerrietts says:

    Sapped. Leeched of beauty. Staring dully into static.

  80. anonymous says:

    Sh*t. Oh my f*cking god. What the f*ck? --catonic

  81. andrewducker says:

    Overall there is a smell of fried onions

  82. jotunheim says:

    My state currently is gas, liquid, and solid.

  83. jette says:

    Sweetness here and frustration there, it's all good.

  84. stimps says:

    Happy monkey with tea, sitting in the rain.

  85. torapines says:

    Yesterday I earned eleven dollars by popping balloons.

  86. deed cede face feed faca defa deeb bbed

  87. gucky says:

    Perhaps on the verge of happiness, perhaps despair

  88. anonymous says:

    i've nothing to say
    and i'm saying it

  89. king_mob says:

    I breathe; my chest wheezes like an accordion.

  90. confuseme says:

    hobbies: check
    girlfriend: check
    more hobbies: check

  91. KNEW this would be meme of the day

  92. anonymous says:

    Shan't give up. I love the word shan't.

  93. anonymous says:

    Sit and code, bored. Leave, meet gf, fun.

  94. forthdude says:

    foo bar baz quux.
    my life rarely sucks.

  95. vxo says:

    The world decays around me. I have cheese.

  96. jwz says:

    I, for one, welcome our new monkey masters.

  97. silveryblu says:

    work/play/love, but am I missing something?

  98. ewindisch says:

    my clients suck the life from my soul

  99. g_na says:

    It's Friday.
    Excited about vacation.
    Life is good.

  100. morrisa says:

    Gravid, happy, sore, contemplative, crocheting, watching movies, waiting.

  101. mackys says:

    Dot-com explosion.
    Subsequently, RadioShack clerk.
    Hating my life.

  102. kalischild says:

    I want a stalker. Not to be the stalker.

  103. xxv says:

    nighttime journeys with tech and a broken girl.

  104. jck says:

    life: full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  105. anonymous says:

    Fool, I will not dance for your amusement.

  106. selectronica says:

    Pretty goddamned, motherfucking, yeehaw, kickin' fantastic. So whatever.

  107. anonymous says:

    Patiently awaiting the end of the first trimester.


  108. pdx6 says:

    Trying to change
    the world that
    changes me.

  109. elwin says:

    my malted milkshake melts too quickly in hawaii

  110. marklyon says:

    raging anger lessening because beautiful tomorrows come soon

  111. It sucks big, fucking, hard and shitty coconuts.

  112. ronbar says:

    Synesthesia arrives after three Benadryls and a Zyrtec.

    So what's yours?

  113. everdred says:

    Wondering how my friend fucked up Win iTunes.

  114. gordonzola says:

    still somewhat hungover and tired from my birthday

  115. jakenelson says:

    No longer a teenager- now what's my excuse?

  116. spendocrat says:

    It's cold in Winnipeg. Life is good.

  117. anonymous says:

    He was always such a quiet young man

  118. wickedspider says:

    to be perfectly honest, i am quite bored.

  119. jonabbey says:

    electrifying experiences in an overly static threat matrix

  120. violentbloom says:

    pain shoulders throbbing nightmare
    back stabbing wound vomit

  121. balloonist says:

    supercalafragalicticexpalidocus sad anoyed bored stopped silly student undead

  122. tayen says:

    I cannot summarize my life in eight words.

  123. anonymous says:

    I really am not that dumb, you know

  124. anonymous says:

    from broken head, exhilarating, strange day every day.

  125. anonymous says:

    Hiding in trash, outside Madonna's mansion, for love.


  126. exoskeleton says:

    Was very clever once; now older and wiser.

  127. kyronfive says:

    oh look! here comes the great tonsilitis fairy!

  128. anonymous says:

    My life is like a box of chocolates

  129. anonymous says:

    Want to be good programmer; going nowhere fast.

    --Rob (

  130. lapax says:

    planning on circumnavigating the world, my head hurts

  131. stonemonkey says:

    We're too Close. Stay on target. Arrrgh. Gurgle.

  132. ysabel says:

    Soon: experience!
    Surgery in genital
    regions awaits me