this sounds like the work of Project Mayhem

Mink Frenzy:

An animal rights group's plan to free 10,000 mink from a farm turned deadly after many of the emancipated mustelids became cannibals while others went on a carnivorous feeding frenzy. [...] Days after the break-in, starving mink attacked a menagerie of exotic birds, a flock of chickens and even a Labrador retriever.
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  1. feren says:

    Act first, think later. That's the typical M.O. of an extremist animal rights wanker.

    I'll never forget when a group in Minnesota cut a hole in the fence of the wolf pen of the Como Zoo, then laid steak outside it to lure the wolves out into "Freedom." One small problem, the fence they cut was right next to one of the busiest highways in St. Paul.... a perfect place for them to be struck and killed by a speeding Kenworth! Luckily enough the wolves stayed put and just sort of eyed the fence like "Why the hell would we want to go out there?"

  2. primroseport says: is my morning newspaper, and that one amused me quite a bit

  3. dygel says:

    But they're so much happier when they're eating each other!

  4. suppafly says:

    i was reading on someones journal awhile back about how they went vigilante and freed a bunch of ferrets.. and everytime i hear this mink story i think about those poor ferrets and i wonder if they ended up eating each other..

  5. avacon says:

    This reminds me of the recent story of the packs of over 300 wild Chihuahua from Southern California. They were also killing each other and animals in the area.

    Some references with slightly different details: