You (yes, I'm talking to you, yes you) are not qualified to rewrite the lyrics to "California Über Alles".


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17 Responses:

  1. kyzoku says:

    But I wasn't trying... honest.

  2. revsphynx says:

    Does Jello still live out there? It would seem that he'd be all over this election with that song.

  3. Nothing rhymes with "Schwartzenegger". I mean, "I am Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger..." and where do you go from there? Right. You don't.

  4. wasteddream says:

    Thank you!

    Can i please steal this and post it in every community of which i'm part?

  5. well shit. so much for my sendup beginning with "i'm club owner jamie Z."


  6. mattbot says:

    Christ, I stopped at the first line...

  7. bitwise says:

    Dramarama never really demonstrated any lyrical competence with their own songs, either. I admit to liking the song "last cigarette" at one point but the lyrics were embarrassingly bad.

    Not like the Dead Kennedys are a name that means much these days.

  8. zhixel says:

    sidenote: Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy already beat you all to it.

  9. substitute says:

    Thank you for that. Boy, it's been annoying.