oh that donald


15 Responses:

  1. gregv says:

    The effect's probably worse in person because you'd see her rocking back and forth on it.

  2. primroseport says:

    Looks like that little girl's sexuality is waking up a but prematurely, thanks to Duck's experience.

  3. anonymous says:

    That pic is fucking hot, I am jerking off to it right now!

  4. belgand says:

    He even seems to be leering as he watches it all go down.

  5. nihilicious says:

    wtf? The least he could do is look her in the eyes.

  6. dennyd says:

    The guy who designed that thing must be laughing so hard.

  7. reynardo says:

    All I can hear now is that sound byte "Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy?"

  8. wrong_monkey says:

    Sheeeeeeet *rums eyes in disbelief*