I, for one, welcome our sumo toddler robot masters

Martial arts robots hit Asian tech fair:

Visitors to CEATEC 2003 met Morph3, a human-like robot about 30 centimetres tall developed by researchers at the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. It can perform back flips and karate moves thanks to 138 pressure sensors, 30 different onboard motors and 14 computer processors.

Another miniature humanoid robot on display was Fujitsu's HOAP-2. This droid has been programmed to perform moves from the Chinese martial art taijiquan, as well as Japanese Sumo wrestling stances.

Sony's toddler robot makes strides:

Qrio -- a toddler-sized machine in an aluminum sleeper and a space helmet--can navigate an obstacle course, right itself after a fall, sense heat and surfaces, recognize people through their voice or face, and respond with gestures or words to questions, according to Sony.

At the end of Idei's speech, the robot executed with fair fluidly what resembled an aerobics routine, and answered some questions. "I love California. It is the same voltage as in Japan," Qrio said. "I just hope there are no blackouts during my stay."


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  1. drreagan says:

    These things would kick Aibo's arse.