hey, baby

Dear small plastic babies,
Please stop exploring your sexuality.
It really freaks us out.
Giant meat people.
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25 Responses:

  1. lilamp says:

    although i knew pretty much exactly what to expect, that seriously disturbed me more than i could have ever anticipated...

  2. billemon says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *thud*

  3. stimps says:

    This reminds me of <lj user="substitute">'s Rule of Perversion:

    If you have heard of it, there's a lot of sites about it. If you can imagine it, there's a web ring for it. And if you can't comprehend it in any possible universe, there are at least five sites about it.

    • belgand says:

      Case in point: car exhaust fetishes. I've seen at least one site about a man who really gets off on seeing women's feet covered in the exhaust from cars. He's very specific about the kind of tailpipes he likes and slightly less so about the feet and shoes of the woman.

      Another site instructs you in at least 2 different ways to fuck your car. It warns to never do this after recently driving it and states that the rocking motion of the car is what makes it desirable. Doing the tailpipe is enhanced by the production of a device that they outline the construction of.

      Not exactly related, to too fucking related for my tastes.

      Personally I've tried to find evidence of my so-called ultimate fetish. Something that at best a very small group of people engage in. I've never found any evidence of it, but perhaps it's because I haven't looked hard enough: DVDA fisting. Not too terribly weird, but not desirably by almost anyone and well... I don't know if most people could even be physically capable of it.

      • stimps says:

        It's not something you really want to be walking around thinking about people, either. At the coffee shop: "Can she do it?" At the grocery store: "What about the butcher?" Pretty soon it all comes back to mom and then you're just ill. =)

  4. violentbloom says:

    that would be porn if it wasn't so creepy.

    • billemon says:

      Creepy, sure ...

      ... but great breasts *g*

      Seriously, though, (straight) guys are used to mentally filtering out various objects / persons from photographs of women anyway ...

      • violentbloom says:

        I have higher standards for breasts I guess...
        plus a baby anywhere near a cootie and well it just brings on child birth film flashbacks.
        ewwww! but then you don't have those parts.
        then again I don't either anymore. yeah!

  5. baconmonkey says:

    the japanese didn't heed your request, what makes you think the plastic babies will?

  6. archiedavis says:


    i second the opinion.

  7. scosol says:

    that lopsided grin... those dinner-plate pupils...

    i think that baby's been gettin the *good* stuff

  8. mackys says:

    Now I realize where the slang phrase "beef curtains" came from!

  9. aitp says:

    ...after seeing this earlier on The Hun.

    Of course, that doesn't make it any less disturbing. In particular, the moisture on the doll was simultaneously fascinating and disgusting. Kind of like watching well-endowed women running without sports bras.

    Um, yeah.


  10. jette says:

    Tee hee. I remember seeing that one picture as one of <lj user=jameth>'th less objectionable icons.

  11. nerpdawg says:


    not sure what this is, but only sex can explain it

  12. grlfridae says:

    thanks for the new icon material. :D