GM pr0n

MAdGE (Mothers Against Genetic Engineering in Food and the Environment)
today launched a highly controversial billboard campaign in Auckland and Wellington to provoke public debate about the social and cultural ethics of genetic engineering in New Zealand. [...]

Fonterra, New Zealand's largest milk company recently purchased the patent rights to large amounts of human DNA from an Australian genetics company. "The mothers of New Zealand would like to know exactly what our milk company are doing with this human DNA."

(See also Warren Ellis's latest...)

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21 Responses:

  1. retrodiva1 says:

    Ok that is just too f'n funny. I went to my friends list and there it be at the top of the list larger than life. nekkid cow woman. you really out do yourself sometimes.

  2. christowang says:

    I better make the worlds first 4 cup bra!

  3. rockit_grl says:

    hah I wish I was working on this campaign.
    creating the ads

    Interesting stuff.

    milkslave maids.

  4. rxrfrx says:

    watch out, 'cause a dairy company is probably gonna use human genetic information to create a race of 4-boobed sexy ladies, and then start milking them with special 4-teat milking machines, and by that time there'll be no stopping it, and we'll have to drink human milk instead of cow milk. not.

    • rakafkaven says:

      No, stop! The horror! The disturbingly enticing... oddly arousing... horror...

      Seriously, I hope they didn't pay anyone to produce the image once they had the concept. There are several hundred fetish garage Photoshoppers who would've offered money to have their works on public display like that.

    • zhixel says:

      special 4-teat milking machines? Those are pretty normal.

      (I live on a dairy farm. yes. I know. sad.)

      • rxrfrx says:

        oh, ok. i just figured the big scary dairy folk would have optimized their milking capacity by primarily using 6-teat ones.

        • zhixel says:

          We haven't gotten genetic engineering to the point where cows actually have six teats yet.

        • warewolf says:
          1. Buy a box of shoulder length gloves.
          2. Purchase semen (preferably not your own. Ahem. A Bull's please)
          3. Put shoulder length glove on arm
          4. Place semen sample into the business end of the insemination rod.
          5. Shove gloved hand past the elbow up the prospective mother's rear.
               (the cow now uncontrollably begins to poop)
          6. Shove the small steel rod with the semen sample where the calf is going to come out.
               (still pooing)
          7. Feeling around with your hand up the cow's rear, locate the steel rod through the rectal wall to make sure you are putting the semen in the correct place.
          8. pull out, turn condom^H^H^H^H^H^Hglove inside out, throw away
          9. wait 9 months, send to market, get a fat check, and make veal parmigiana.

          MMmmmm.... Beefy.

  5. you have to wonder sometimes..... great ad though. i'd like to see that one as a gap ad. lol

  6. suppafly says:

    man thats hot.. is that supposed to turn you off of gm stuff because it sure as hell isnt working..

  7. jagger says:

    #1) I for one welcome our nude quad-breasted overlords

    #2) I now fully support genetic engineering

  8. mykwud says:

    ... must... support... whatever-the-cause-is..........

    "doooo YOU come with the tax-deductable donation-receipt??"
    "oh, YOU! heeHEE!!!"

  9. hiraya says:

    okay, that's scary.

    Both her breast pairs are bigger than mine. so sad.

    "Oh yeah. You can milk anything with tits."
    "I have tits, Greg. Can you milk me?"

    It would be interesting to know what Fonterra needs the data for. Like, if they're trying to replicate the chemical makeup of mother's milk in cows.

    Used to be that being a nursing mother was a job.

  10. riffraff says:

    what i want to know is:

    where would you put your hands?

    (i apologize... it's just that that pose is so... suggestive)

    *washes out brain*

  11. xenogram says:

    Why does everybody think this is just about GE? It's bad enough some cocky scientician telling me that they understand what they doing and that their (genetic) code isn't going to screw up (I've heard that line one too many times).

    It's worse that this is patented human material. If people look at this picture and think "hey, they own my blueprint", then it's not before time.

  12. jwz says:

    This article says the poster was designed by "Madge founder Alannah Currie" -- formerly of the Thompson Twins! "The 21-year-old model is Ms Currie's niece-in-law, also a Madge member, who was pleased with the image. 'She's gone into hiding at the moment in case people think she really does have four breasts,' Ms Currie said."