five minutes in a leather shop, before halloween

  • Girl buying plaid punk-rock miniskirt asking the 70-year-old Arab guy behind the counter whether he thought she should go with the black studded belt, or the red studded belt. (He offers an opinion, but doesn't seem like his heart is really in it.)
  • Girl trying on a red-and-black PVC corset over her collegiate gray sweatshirt. "That makes your tits look huge", her friend exclaims.

  • Girl on phone while picking through rack says, "I can't wear this thing. How about if I dress as, like, Army Girl instead?"

  • Guy asks girl, "what are you all doing for Halloween?" Girl says, "Oh, the usual, drink a lot and drive around."

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14 Responses:

  1. vxo says:

    You know, deep within, that they are truly just pining for the fjords.

  2. otterley says:
    • jwz says, "She's right, that does make your tits look big."
  3. kumimonster says:

    umm... leather etc. ?

    sounds like that would be the case.
    madame/mr S or stormy would be asking/going too far~!

    • jwz says:

      NY Apparel, actually.

      • kumimonster says:

        ny apparel worse for that stuff sometimes
        but still
        did her boobs look bigger?


        what were u buying?
        dressing up for spectacular?
        still havent decided on going yet.
        i believe i met u prior.but cant recall.
        used to hang with mr A and work at the club for several years as well.
        in both prior existences.

        • jwz says:

          I didn't really get the before-and-after shot, so I don't know if her boobs looked bigger. I can tell you with complete confidence, though, that gray-sweatshirt-under-corset is a Fashion Don't.

          My costume is either going to be really great, or incomprehensible. But either way, pretty nerdy.

          I'm not sure if we've met... if we did, it was probably for 30 seconds.

      • phreddiva says:

        When you said "70-year-old Arab guy" I knew it was NY Apparel! When I moved back from the East Coast & went there for the first time in 3 years he looked at me and said "You haven't been here in YEARS! It's good to see you!" and gave me free gloves. It was then I remembered where the bulk of my credit card debt came from. :)

  4. neutron_x says:

    I think holidays, especially the big ones, really bring out the best and worst in people. Or at the very least interesting situations, this would be one of them.

    "Drink a lot and drive around."
    yikes, seriously.

    Hey, you don't know me I don't think, my name's Conan... I've been reading the "history" of the DNA lounge through the blog and came upon your LJ. Really fascinating stuff, you definitely did the right thing documenting that stuff.

    It's a beautiful club, I've only been there once for the Steel Pole Bathtub night of Neurot fest last year, but seriously... congrats.


  5. violentbloom says:

    funny that's the song I had stuck in my head earlier today.

  6. billemon says:

    *notices Jamie not commenting on what he was doing in the leather shop*

  7. xunker says:

    ..could have been "Hot Topic". Where you get salesclerks that give very long-thought-out opinions about what vinyl arm-warmers make you look more disaffected and then best way to look "trailer-park" on a middle-class budget.

    What's that line? "Anarchy shirts...bought at the mall.".

  8. jlindquist says:

    I'm reminded of Weird Science:

    Kelly LeBrock holding up an almost-nonexistant pair of lace panties before the ancient woman working the register:
    "If you were a fifteen year-old boy, would these turn you on? I think so too, I'll take them. Um, do you have a bra to match that? Something in leather, or rubber, or barbed wire?"