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DNA Lounge update: idols and licenses.
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  1. nerpdawg says:

    The judges were right.. that was pretty brave. They're about as horrible as most people. Were they on stage in front of lots of people for that?

  2. a_0001 says:

    Was the Wall of Shame photo taken with a digital camera?

    If so, does the license at upper left also appear all-white when photographed with a conventional film camera?

    • jwz says:

      Yes, it was digital; no, I did not investigate further.

    • xach says:

      I'd guess that license has the same sort of superreflective coating used for backpacks and sneakers. If so, the flash will be reflected directly back, leaving a white rectangle.

      You could test this by photographing it without a flash.

  3. fo0bar says:

    1) Next time I'm in SF, I'll stop by and convienently "loose" my California ID that Nevada never bothered taking back when I moved.

    2) What state is the vanishing ID?

    3) I noticed that there's a Nevada license towards the bottom. To calm fears, in case anybody cares, Nevada HAS recently entered the 20th century and is no longer issuing laminated pieces of paper. The new ones even has cool things like a 2D barcode on the back.

  4. jlindquist says:

    Is there any reason not to mail the IDs back to the addresses printed on them, besides not feeling 37 cents' worth of benevolence towards people dumb enough to forget them in the first place?

    (I'm asking out of curiosity, not criticism.)

    • jwz says:

      I assume that if they can't be bothered to even phone the last place they got shitfaced to see if their ID is there, they must not want it very badly...

  5. waider says:

    "Hey Jim! You left your ID at the DNA!"