dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, including some photos, and a rebuttal from Nob Globule.

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  1. jagger says:

    Of course it's impossible for dog module to play their music live, it takes musicians to play music.

  2. vxo says:

    It's always been my opinion that if a musical act wants their show to be more show and less music, they shouldn't pretend to actually be playing it...

    I guess you have both ends of the spectrum... people flying around on cables... and acts where they'll play unplugged.

    Meanwhile, I find it cute that they took the approach of being a colossal bunch of asses when you presented criticism...

  3. reddragdiva says:

    There's lots of bands that don't play when they do a show. But they at least put on a show.

    ( /me contemplates Severed Heads in the DNA)

    It's pretending that's the problem.

    • hafnir says:

      I've been asking TomE to do a show in SF for like 5 years now. I haven't really pushed the issue, though. I was thinking I might ask him again to play here, and I'd be very likely to want to do it at the DNA.

  4. bdu says:

    schmucks. I've taken to asking "Are they really going to use it?" any time someone asks if I can score a keyboard for a rider. I shouldn't have to.

  5. primroseport says:

    Hello jwz. This is Callie from Tess7 (among other bands). Tada: I found your lj.

    Primroseport is my primary journal (fiction projects) while <lj user=grayslayer> has some heads-up info for my friends.

    I'm still very much confused as to how god module's music is impossible to play live. How do pysclone9 do it? That would be a great question for the godmod boys and gals.

    • baconmonkey says:

      p9 uses a backing track, but the instruments that are on stage are actually making noise.

      the other band that pineapplehead (the keyboardist on the right) was in, see colin slash, went so far as to have no backing tracks, and every thing that was sequenced, was triggered and tweaked live. granted some of the keyboard parts were played using arpeggiators, but short of the phillip glass approach, it's very difficult to play fast 16th nots on keys.

  6. ammonoid says:

    I hate it when people equate "being professional" to being nice to everyone all the time. Its not possible, damn it!

  7. chromebishop says:

    How about if they can't perform their music live, then they shouldnt perform live. Its not a performance than, is it? its theater, and not very interesting theater imho.

  8. kyronfive says:

    Excellent rebuttal.

    The comment about people in this scene expecting bands to fake live shows because the sound can't be recreated in a live environment was weird.

    Call me crazy, but if the audience fully understood and had no problem with the fact that the music can not be played live, what reason would they have to get up there with a prop keyboard and pretend?