crying wolf

Exactly eleven months ago, I made a post that exactly describes today in every particular. WTF? It's not even Groundhog Day.
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4 Responses:

  1. acpizza says:

    Wet gray days are all too common for Coastal California.. I didn't like them when I lived in SoCal and I'm no big fan of them now either. Thats why I moved to Arizona in 1999.. although I must say, while the scenery is nice, the scene here does suck.

    The fire alarm thing must be seriously annoying. Think its kids screwing around or a problem with the actual alarm system?

  2. chromal says:

    I hear you on the hatred of perpetual grey. I'm steeling myself for another central-PA winter. At least it doesn't get too cold in San Francisco!

  3. tritone says:

    I actually assumed the post you linked to was going to describe how Arnold Schwarzenegger would become governor of California, and how Larry Flynt would come in in seventh place. In which case I would have been extremely impressed.

  4. ronbar says:

    Maybe it's more of a moisture- or wind-related problem than a Groundhog-Day-type problem.