XScreenSaver 4.14

XScreenSaver 4.14 out now. Seven new hacks this time!

The coolest part is that mad mastermind Trevor Blackwell generalized his analog TV code from the recent Apple ][ mode of BSOD and we split it out into a few different programs:

  • xanalogtv displays a slideshow of images, except with all the TV artifacts like snow, bloom, distortion, ghosting, hash noise, and rolling when changing "channels." It's incredible.
  • apple2 -text is a text-scroller that puts phosphor to shame. I strongly recommend:
                apple2 -text -program 'ljlatest --cols 40'
    to see the most recent LiveJournal posts scrolling by in their 40 column all-caps heavily distorted BBS-in-1982 glory.

  • apple2 -slideshow displays a slideshow of images, but dithered to the Apple ][ 6-color hires pallette! It was kind of a rough draft of xanalogtv.

  • apple2 -basic does something I won't spoil for you.

  • pong plays a game of pong on an analog TV.

  • gleidescope does a very nice simulation of a kaleidescope using any image as a source. If you run it in a window, you can drag the "tube" around with the mouse.

  • mirrorblob draws an environment-reflecting blob on top of an image.

  • blinkbox does, uh, stuff.

Trevor says:

/* A maxim of technology is that failures reveal underlying mechanism. A good way to learn how something works is to push it to failure. The way it fails will usually tell you a lot about how it works. The corollary for this piece of software is that in order to emulate realistic failures of a TV set, it has to work just like a TV set. So there is lots of DSP-style emulation of analog circuitry for things like color decoding, H and V sync following, and more. In 2003, computers are just fast enough to do this at television signal rates. We use a 14 MHz sample rate here, so we can do on the order of a couple hundred instructions per sample and keep a good frame rate. */
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