You (yes, I'm talking to you, yes you) are not qualified to rewrite the lyrics to "California Über Alles".


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We were in a restaurant where they were playing the most regrettable selection of 70s rock classics. As they moved from some Kansas song into Kiss crooning "I want to rock and roll all night, and party ev-a-ree day", I asked the musical question,

    jwz:  In this song, what do you think "party" is code for? The sex, or the drugs?
    rzr_grl:  Yes.
    jwz:  But, doesn't the rock and roll imply a least the drinking?
    rzr_grl:  Well, rock and roll implies party.
    jwz:  Hmm.
    rzr_grl:  << pause >>
    Would you just listen to this fucked up conversation we're having?
    It's like we're in a Kyle Baker comic!
    jwz:  There are worse places to be. Like a Peter Bagge comic.
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