DNA Lounge: Wherein I receive a rebuttal from Knob Globule.

Photos of the Informatik / Psyclon 9 show are up.

So I'm sure all of you are going to drop dead of non-shock when I tell you that I got an angry email from one of the God Module guys. It was very long, but I'll summarize it:

  • You don't know what you're talking about;
  • It is impossible for us to play our music live;
  • Anyone who listens to bands like God Module understands that, and doesn't expect the bands to actually play;
  • No, the synth wasn't plugged in, and no, there's nothing wrong with that;
  • If you don't take down your review, we're going to bad-mouth your club something fierce.

About that synth, he said:

And for your comments on the one synth that was not plugged in the other night. Um, it was not ours. We had asked for a controller from the promoter of the show, he was not able to get one so we asked to use the opening bands synth as a prop for aesthetic purposes. No evil conspiracy involved.

Oh, it was for "aesthetic purposes" that they pretended to play a keyboard that wasn't plugged in! How silly of me. Had I only realized, I would have seen it in a totally different light.

PS: Milli Vanilli called, they want their Grammy back.

I know some of you might be joining us late, so on a more general note, let me try and explain how this works.

Every now and then, when I say something bad about an event we've done here, I get some hate mail calling me "unprofessional." People seem to think that because I'm the owner of the club, I should never say anything negative; everything I say should be rainbows and unicorns. Well, sorry, that's not reality. This part of the web site is where I tell you about what's going on behind the scenes here at the club, and present my personal opinions about it. This is not a fucking press release; this is "the view of DNA from jwz." Yes, I also happen to be the owner; what of it? That's where I am, so that's the only perspective I have.

Many people seem to think that it's insane that I would say anything bad about events that happen here: don't I care about promoting the business? But, see, this is not a publicly traded company. There is no board of directors: my business card says "Benevolent Dictator." I spent a fortune building this venue from the ground up, and we operate it as, essentially, a charity. I receive no salary, and I haven't had a single dime of my investment repaid.

This club is a gift from me to the world.

That means that I don't have to blow sunshine up your ass.