The Canonical Human

Somewhat old news, but I'd wondered about it, and I just found this:

I'm the human genome, says 'Darth Venter' of genetics

Craig Venter, the controversial geneticist who led private industry's decoding of the human genome, has revealed a startling secret. The genome - unravelled two years ago - is his. [...]

Both sides of the decoding project - an international, publicly funded arm, and a private industrial group led by Celera - said they had used DNA from anonymous donors. Celera said theirs was drawn from a pool of 20 donors from five ethnic groups. But now Venter has revealed he had overridden the process when he was head of the company, with the result that its genome was mostly based on his DNA.

So here's a plot element for all you aspiring scifi writer out there: in the future, Venter will be massively cloned, since his is the canonical test-case genome. You'll find random easter-egg Venter replicants all over the place, just like how the Utah Teapot has been showing up in raytraced images for the last 30 years.

It will suck to be "him."

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DNA Lounge:

Photos of the God Module / Tesseract7 / Control Theory show are up now.

The first two were bands (live guitar, bass, and vocals, plus backing tracks.) Control Theory was ok (though I'm pretty tired of "cookie monster" industrial vocals) and I enjoyed Tesseract7 (who were more of a metal band.)

God Module was karaoke.

That "band" consisted of two guys and a girl, all of whom took turns singing. Their microphones were, in fact, turned on, but that's just about it. The girl's keyboard was not hooked into the sound system: it had a bunch of cables plugged in, but they didn't go anywhere. In fact, I don't think it was even powered on. She did spend the whole set pretending to play it, however.

The two guys took turns at the other keyboard. However, the only time any sound (besides the DAT) originated on that side of the stage was when the big guy was over there, which was roughly every third or fourth song. Any time you saw the other guy moving his hands... that's all he was doing, moving his hands. (I know this because I went up to the sound booth to check.)

God Module played here once before, and that time there were only two of them, and I'm pretty sure they didn't play a damned thing that time either (their only instrument had no power cord and no lights.)

How can you do that?

How can you get up on stage and lie to your fans' faces? How can you stand there and pretend to play a keyboard that you know full well is not even plugged in? How much contempt must you have for your audience to do that?

It makes me absolutely furious.