this bug report fills me with giddy joy

Bug 79993: inappropriate xscreensaver defaults
Description of problem:

The PI of my project (a JHU professor) was in a meeting in his office this morning and xscreensaver came on in phosphor mode. All parties were very surprised to see it display something about midgets sodomizing cats.

It seems that the phosphor screensaver uses the zippy fortune by default. This should be changed. I think a more professional default choice would be literature fortunes. This is *very* important in business and education environments.

Actual Results: Fortunes that are inappropriate in a professional environment.

Expected Results: Nice, safe, inoffensive fortunes.

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19 Responses:

  1. bitbucket says:

    What's wrong with cat sodomizing midgets? Somewhere in the world, someone is being repressed.

  2. wasteddream says:

    I think i would actually pay *extra* for a screensaver that was nothing *but* midgets gettin' it on with housepets and maybe the occasional exotic lemur.

    My people don't get nearly enough media representation. Kudos to you, JWZ. You do God's work.

  3. marklyon says:

    Midgets need power over someone. Why deny them this?

  4. alister says:

    Every time you sodomise a cat, God kills a midget.

    Maybe a setup option to use the offensive fortunes as well? You can do the same on others that read from fortune-style programs, heck, maybe even support the other options like length and pattern matches.

    ... Alister B, providing the blinding obvious since 1982.

  5. injector says:

    It has been a long time since I've installed `fortune` on any of my machines. I so Googled for zippy fortune, the first match, , does indeed return random quote from the Zippy fortune file. After just 6 refreshes I get, "All this time I've been VIEWING a RUSSIAN MIDGET SODOMIZE a HOUSECAT!" What luck.

  6. macguyver says:

    The fix is, of course, to ensure that every fortune generated is offensive.

    • ts4z says:

      fortune -o ... but it really isn't agressive enough, and besides Red Hat broke it on their compile of fortune. I guess that's okay, but they broke fortune -a, too (i.e., everything), and that sucks.

      • dk379 says:

        Last time I checked, FreeBSD came with original and unabridged BSD fortune data file. I suppose you can copy those over to Linux system, if they haven't changed the format.

        And yes, -o works perfectly. (I usually use it to test mail delivery, selecting some random recepient and running as root.)

        • ts4z says:

          Red Hat distributes the dirty file in their SRPMs (or at least they used to). I just gave up though and am ignoring it.