The Wayback Machine has a search engine now is pretty neat: not only does it show you hits from the historical pages in the archive, but it also shows you a graph of the popularity of your search terms over time.

Observe the fading star known as "jwz":

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9 Responses:

  1. nerpdawg says:

    I don't get it

  2. aitp says:

    What the hell is Verweis?

    And you're not fading; you're mellowing. Although, come to think of it, you might consider that a worse insult. ;)


    • recursive says:

      One of my first memories of the JWZ-web-experience is some quote about entering the world kicking and screaming and covered with blood. Just the sort of thing I associate with the word "mellow".

  3. billemon says:

    I suspect parts of that decline are due to:

    • when we want to know about screensaver hacks, we just look at livejournal
    • most users are now content to use the prepackaged versions that come with their open source OS du jour :)
    • netik says:

      Oh yeah, never mind the whole rockstar netscape thing.

      XScreensaver must have been the only thing he did because you use it, right? :)

      • aitp says:

        JWZ worked at Netscape?

        <SARCASM>, don't flame me, please!


      • billemon says:


        I'm assuming a certain amount of the similar logic applies to the others. There again, when you decide to give up software in favour of selling beer ...

        Jamie, how many searches have there been for "DNA" ;)

  4. elainegrey says:

    Considering the exponential increase in the number of web pages the Archive collects, it's likely that in absolute terms your popularity has grown. It's just that the universe got bigger, faster.

  5. Clearly, I am beginning my ascent into fame and glory.[j]