MUNI Increases Fares; Adds Comfortable Bus Stops

MUNI Increases Fares; Adds Comfortable Bus Stops.

The San Francisco Municipal Railway announced today that along with fare increases, they have begun to make bus stops more comfortable for those long waits. William Nasalrod, MUNI Spokesman, said "Customer service has always been a defining moment for MUNI and the couches are just another way we're helping fellow San Franciscans. It came down that if we have to raise fares and reduce service, something must be added. The couches seemed like the way to go."

6 Responses:

  1. pdx6 says:

    I really hope they Scotchgard those sofas regularly. I can only imagine what one of those sofas look like after having a few dozen bums on it.

  2. elanswer says:

    How long do you suppose those cushions will last before they get pilfered?

  3. yksi says:

    No one expects the Spanish inquisition!!