"magic helmet..."

another cool pic, real or not...


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  1. ideaspace says:

    "Magic Helmet."

  2. loosechanj says:

    What's wrong with this picture?
    Partly cloudy, sunlight a fixture
    A ship without worries,
    no dangling flurries!
    Sunrise or sunset? It's hard to tell
    But it sure does ring a warning bell
    Interesting, the lack of rain
    After all, this is purportedly a hurricane!
    Photoshop is a great tool,
    heck it added the spool
    Of what is supposed to be an eye
    But of the ocean it's awfully shy
    It's time to put this to rest
    as just a hoax and a jest

    Note: I am not a poet.

    • denshi says:

      My brain isn't parsing this one. What is that, a bathtub?

      • suppafly says:

        i'm guessing its a bathtub..

      • baconmonkey says:

        it's kid of an abstract shape. Beksinski is notorious for highly detailed non-specific things in his works. to me it bears a vague resemblance to a ship being lifted from the water.

        • denshi says:

          To me it just doesn't look like a hull.
          It's bizarre. Thank you.

        • kyronfive says:

          Can i just say, FOR THE RECORD, that i have a severe phobia of looking at pictures of sinking - or sunken - ships, boats, airplanes, etc. Like, i get an instant pavlovian response where i can't breate and i feel the overwhelming urge to run and i have to tear my eyes away from the picture because i can't control the panic.

          Yep, well anyway, whatever that thing was, it totally got that response from me. So whoever the artist was, good job.

  3. kespernorth says:

    What does the 'spear and magic HEL-met' thing reference, anyway? I've been trying to figure that out for months.

  4. jerronimo says:

    I agree... it's a really cool pic.

    Perhaps we'll find out here eventually if it's real or not:

  5. ofsilence says:

    Someone emailed me this pic yesterday... I brought up the fact that it looked like it could be fake. There seems to be some choppy strangeness that makes each side of the mast look like too drastic a change. And the horizon looks too cropped in on that side. Now I'm rambling.

  6. yksi says:

    Definately awesome pic! Not Isabel though, 'cause I got all clouds here when the first edge of it touched us, and I can't imagine there being any bits of sky deeper inside the storm unless maybe you're in the eye

  7. erorus says:

    I know for a fact that I've seen this image months ago.. so it definitely isn't Isabel.

    And on the message boards where I found it, the general consensus was that it was a fake image altogether, anyway.

  8. mcfnord says:

    kinda illustrates to me how wierd a hurricane is. I guess I forget.

  9. cannery says:

    cool piccy - but no cigar. The piccy uses 2 different cloud-types which never appear together - at least, that close. Still, I'm spoiling the magic.

    I've been on ships sailing into storm fronts, and you do get this dichotomy of flatness then a wall of grey. But that's it - it's a wall of grey cloud raising way up.

    It tracks nicely across the radar in one long line, and the barometer dips once you pass through.

    I've seen mini-tornadoes on a flat, owise grand South China Sea days but, nah...