I make no attempt to explain

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  1. macguyver says:

    Who can really explain photoshop?

  2. rpkrajewski says:

    So it's a self-justifying warning sign.

  3. Bottom's been photoshopped out (or not photoshopped in). It should say in smaller print between the man and car symbols "Also, the bridge ahead is out."

  4. baconmonkey says:

    pic won't load.
    spends forever trying to load, but never does.

  5. I'm not supposed to touch the sign either with my body or with my car, right?

  6. olego says:

    I'm amused; cept for stupid IE doesn't load the picture like that. I had to make a .html file that liked to it, right click on the link, and Save File As to get to see it. Weird. But the sign is funny.

  7. anton says:

    This picture is IE killer. After trying to load it, IE stops loading any pictures until restart.

    Mozilla and Opera works fine.
    After googling for some time, I've found that this is seemed to be indeed an IE bug.