dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, including four new photo galleries.

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  1. greyface says:

    Regarding safe places for your meaty mannequin:

    The safest place I know for club decoration is to hang it from a ceiling well out of reach, though you'd then probably have to devote an actual light to illuminating it

    Alternatively, depending on how lit your DJ area is, it could perhaps occupy a corner there, where it could be seen by staff-types and of course the occasional DJ scoper.

  2. chromal says:

    Ouch. Wow, I hope your branded staffers were bought lots of drinks afterwords. Yup, you're far from alone in believing Live shows are better than presequenced. Good luck on booking more and more. I wish I was in San Francisco to stop by and visit the club again for a show.

  3. I don't much like Voltaire, but he hit the nail on the head when he introduced the Cruxshadows at Gothcon 2:

    "This is Rogue. He's from London. London, Florida."

  4. fo0bar says:

    Now I have the curious urge to open up a restaurant and call it For Lease.

  5. hafnir says:

    Actually there's a whole genre of music like Cruexshadows called Cybergoth. It's mostly based out of England, and the fashion and the look is consciously more important than the music. They all wear that same crap Kyron5 wears all the time. :) Probably my favorite in that genre musically is Sneaky Bat Machine (now called Goteki), but I'm willing to bet Cruexshadows has the best live show of the bunch.

  6. netik says:

    At least you got some photos of Meat. I don't think there were that many taken. I took about 100, but they're still gone. My CF card is rightously fucked. Apparently there's a windows-only (bleech) recovery tool that I'm going to try when I get home tonight.

    As far as the maniquein goes, why not fly the maniquein from the trussing or somethng? Noone can get to it there.

    • jwz says:

      Yeah, but I'm not sure where to hang it, where it wouldn't be either in the way, or too high to see clearly (even if lit.) Maybe above the DJ booth.

      The thing Jess is freaking out below is an idea I had a couple years ago of lining the wall of the pepto room with 4' diameter plexi tubes with mannequins inside, like cryo-tanks. That'd keep hands off of them, plus, hey, everybody loves a corpsicle.

      Sounds pricey, though, which is why I never pursued it.

  7. jesus, how many pleased little noises do i have to make to reinforce the value of your CRYOTANK idea?!?!?!?!?

    soooooooooooooooooo cool.


    • baconmonkey says:

      re: really hard, metal-influenced industrial, which has been sorely lacking in the world lately.

      Somewhere early in my set I played 2 relatively recent releases that fit that bill. I'd tell you exactly where in my set, but

      Pigface - insect/suspect (from Easy Listening)
      Schuldt - Stained (from First Error Code)

      I am greatly enjoying both cds. They both feature a massive variety of songs, instead of rewiting the same song 9 times. I mean all over the map, which I find vasly preferable. hell, I could probably spin an entire set from those 2 cds, and anyone unfamilliar with the cds would not realize it was only 2 bands.

      "Stained" is the one that had a beatless piano-only section in the middle. It was also the very loud song mitch played durring sound check.
      Schuldt is the guy who did the Evil Playgound remix on FLA's Re-Wind.
      the link for that cd has audio samples. tracks 1,6,12 are more ambient, but the rest is pretty aggressive.

  8. m4dh4tt3r says:

    I'd so much rather be bringing bands in than doing house every night.

    and i am so glad you're doing this. there's already too much REALLY BAD house music in this city.