I feel very sorry for this horse

Ow, not the tail, Not the tail!

Vets from the Hospital Veterinario Sierra de Madrid for horses in Madrid prepare one of their patients for surgery. (AFP/Pedro Armestre)

OMG it's coming right at us!

'Bubbles', a Manta Ray that has been part of the underwater exhibit at Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas for almost two years, is hoisted away by helicopter and released to the open ocean Wednesday, September 24, 2003. The twelve foot animal, began to outgrow its viewing facility at the resort, which is the home for over 50,000 fish and marine life. (AP Photo/Tim Aylen)

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CIA seeks probe of White House

It's probably not good for an administration to piss off their own spies...

CIA seeks probe of White House:

The CIA has asked the Justice Department to investigate allegations that the White House broke federal laws by revealing the identity of one of its undercover employees in retaliation against the woman's husband, a former ambassador who publicly criticized President Bush's since-discredited claim that Iraq had sought weapons-grade uranium from Africa.

Joshua Marshall says:

The way this works is that the CIA does its own investigation to determine whether there is reason to believe laws were broken. But the CIA has no law enforcement powers itself. So it makes a referral to the Justice Department, which obviously does have law enforcement powers. If the folks at Justice concur in the Agency's determination that there is reason to believe that laws were broken, they then task the FBI with mounting a formal criminal investigation. [...]

On it's face, this news tonight almost certainly means that the CIA's internal investigation concluded that laws were broken or that there was sufficient evidence of wrong-doing for a criminal investigation to be undertaken. The decision on whether to task the FBI with investigating the White House is now in hands of John Ashcroft.

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