DNA Lounge: Wherein I recommend you spend some time at the club over the next week.

It's been a while since I've updated because not a whole lot has been going on, just the usual suspects.

At the last Thump, they brought in different subwoofers, because apparently they've gotten it in their heads that our very good subs, in their very well designed concrete bunker, aren't good enough. So they replaced ours with rented ones. As far as I could tell, the effect of these was to make it so that if you were standing in the front half of the room, your internal organs were vibrating, but you couldn't actually hear any bass in a musical sense.

You know what it sounds like when you're walking down the street, and some jackass in an SUV full of speakers is trying to prove how small his penis is? Where you can just barely tell that there's music playing, but mostly what you're hearing is the door panels rattling? It sounded pretty much exactly like that.

Apparently they liked it so much that they're planning on doing it every time. Well, whatever, if they want to pay extra to make it sound worse, why should I care?


We've got a full week of interesting stuff coming up, though:

Sun, Sep 21: Flying Tiger Circus:
This was a fantastic show last year, and several of the same performers are back this time, so I strongly recommend checking this out...
Tue, Sep 23: Crüxshadows + Sunshine Blind:
Sunshine Blind are a great gothy rock band who have played here twice before (plus, Caroline works here!) I don't know Crüxshadows, but the few MP3s I've heard alternate between "Christian Death" and "VNV Nation", if you can believe that. I'm told they put on a good show.
Wed, Sep 24: St. Vitus Dance + System Syn:
A pair of industrial/synthpop bands.
Thu, Sep 25: Meat, an above-average industrial dance night.
Tue, Sep 30: God Module, Tesseract7, and Control Theory,
who have all played here before: God Module is two guys and a laptop; Tesseract7 and Control Theory are industrial rock bands with actual instruments.

Please come and partake of the non-house-music offerings so that we can do more and I don't go insane. Thank you.


"magic helmet..."

another cool pic, real or not...


spear and magic helmet

Ok, it's the wrong hurricane (this is Lilli, taken from the ISS) but this is a cool picture... It looks like someone pulled the plug out of the bottom of the atmosphere-tub!

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hungry star chews own planets off

A giant star has been caught in the act of swallowing three planets, one after the other, with each "meal" accompanied by a massive eruption.

The star, known as V838 Monocerotis, is about 20,000 light years from Earth. In January 2002, it temporarily became the brightest star in the Milky Way, 600,000 times more luminous than the Sun. [...] Retter and colleague Ariel Marom believe their new analysis of light emissions from the star indicates that it was a red giant that expanded and successively swallowed three relatively massive planets in quick succession. The time between the first and the last engulfment was only about two months.